Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wow. We made it through Christmas!

Well, still no teeth in sight. It turns out that Jillian was getting sick, and is still trying to get rid of her phelgmy nose, and now she has a cough. Poor kid sounds like a puppy when she’s trying to breathe through her mouth :P . Not fun at all. Her sleep schedule is completely messed up from her illness keeping her up and visiting relatives at all hours of the day(and night). I keep telling myself that when she gets better, things will go back to normal! It’s 3am as I write this….please let things go back to normal!

Well, she’s made a lot of progress over the last week:
-pulling herself up to a standing position, then squatting, and back up again
-crawling to anything that she fancies. I love that when I call her to ‘come to Mummy’, she can scamper pretty fast!
-grabbing glasses and tipping the contents over. So far, it’s been a Sheridan’s, a glass of wine, and 1 Pepsi.
-‘playing’ with her piano and maracas
-swatting, crying, and whipping her head back and forth while I try to wipe her nose clean
And tonight she’s figured out how to escape from her BebePod/Bumbo seat. Just twist and flip, and BOOM! She’s outta there! Thank goodness I still have her exersaucer as a backup.


So onto Christmas! Michael’s school had a Christmas play, which I was pretty impressed by! There are 41 students, and over 110 of their family members showed up to watch them perform. It’s a great little community.

We enjoyed Christmas Eve with my mom, brothers, aunt, uncle and my cousin Krystin. She managed to spend a few days with us in the country, which she enjoyed. I know that Jillian enjoyed another short person to play with! I was happy that Krystin was old enough to do basic tasks herself, like eating, picking out her own clothes, etc. It helps that she’s 7! Also, she was super- well behaved, so that makes a huge difference.

We opened presents Christmas morning, and no word of a lie, there were presents bigger than Jillian! And she’s almost 2’5”! We even ran out of room in the car to get back to our place, so we made a return trip on Friday. I was super-excited about 1 present though. She got a Cabbage Patch Doll, and I never had one as a little girl, and was too shy to ask for one at the time. Mom gave me the weirdest look, because I was actually jumping up and down. ;)

We headed to Michael’s Dad’s place for Christmas afternoon/evening, and got several more gifts. I even managed to surprise Michael with letting him party it up while I took Jillian and Krystin home with me, seeing as the 3 of us were tired and he wasn’t. I also told him that this would not be a regular occurrence! It was *insane* though, considering that there were over 25 people in the house, and 11 of them children! The next day when I went to pick Michael up, I almost didn’t think that it was the same house because it was so quiet!

Then off for another family dinner on Boxing Day, this one being the official ‘turkey fest’, including Tanya’s desserts! We’re still trying to convince her to start a bakery, or at least do catering. I swear, most of us just wait and see what she’s created this time! If you’re in the Ottawa area and want fantastic desserts, let me know, and I’ll pass on your order! We also had a sleepover with my cousin and niece. Right now our place is big enough for the 3 of us, but add two 7-year olds, and it feels cramped! They had a lot of fun hanging out and playing with toys. I also realized that Krystin likes to be the boss!

The 27th had Michael running around, dropping people off and picking people up. Shawn came over for a nice dinner, and killer Monopoly to boot...well, we *had* to let Shawn win...hee hee!

The 28th, we got our new car!!! Our old one kicked it, so we needed to get another one. We got a station wagon, but no wood paneling! I'm just thrilled that it's got lots of trunk space and it's nice and SAFE. If you had asked me 8 years ago what kind of car I wanted, I would have said, FAST. Jillian's going to think that I was always cautious and not cool, huh? Oh well. We also returned Mark's car, which he was super-nice to let us use while we were car-less for about 10 days or so. Jillian was so happy to get out of her carseat when we got home, as she was in it for most of the day.

(this is getting long, isn't it?)

Anyway, the 29th brought the first lazy day since Michael started his holidays.

I might not be able to get another note out till after the first, so I hope that everyone has a great New Years. I think (well, know) that we're going to stay in and ring it in quietly.

See you next year! HAHAHA...

Monday, December 17, 2007

If it's 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am & 6am, it must be teething time...


The last 2.5 days(& nights), have been punctuated by cries, keeping us up all weekend. Michael has to go to work tomorrow, so I get to keep the vigil tonight!

Luckily, we did buy some Baby Orajel (or Ambesol, whichever was cheaper), and we tried it yesterday morning when we were at the end of our ropes. She slept for 4 hours, so I guess it worked!

Tonight, I managed to slip her some after I gave her her last feeding of the night, and she didn't take too kindly to it. Since I had some left on my finger, I decided to have a taste to see what it was like. BLEAUGH! Bitter, but my tongue started to get numb pretty fast, which was a weird feeling, but it seemed to kill my taste buds, so I didn't mind. Jillian started licking her lips and smacking her gums, then immediately started to doze off. I have a frozen, damp washcloth in the freezer on deck, in case she decides to shriek after I've been asleep for less than 1/2 hour again.

We got a bit misty-eyed this evening watching her play. She was sitting on her haunches, with jeans and onesie, playing with her toy with her back to us. She looked so much like a little girl, and so not like a helpless baby anymore.

Michael has one more week of school before Aunt, Uncle, and cousin are coming for Christmas from Trinidad, so I'm looking forward to having the holidays uninterrupted without having to go to work.

PS-if you have to pay any bills, make deposits, etc, etc, PLEASE do it this week before the holidays! With Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's, and the weekends, there's actually few days to get your stuff done on time. I just feel sorry for the poor tellers that inevitably get flak for public holidays that they cannot do anything about.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holy potato! (This is my pathetic attempt at trying to stop swearing.) It's not really working, as I can still let the 4-letter words fly when I'm driving downtown during rush hour.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Jillian's a crawling machine now, and the most entertaining trip was tonight, when I put her down on the carpet while Michael and I were watching a movie. She started giggling like mad(almost like, "I'm free, I'm FREE, you can't catch me!!!), and made for the TV. We plucked her away when it looked like she just wanted to fry her eyeballs, then she settled back to playing with her toys and wandering from the couch to the TV, to the chair, to the coffee table. This kid's got energy!

She's also mastered pulling herself to a standing position now. Two days ago, she struggled to pull herself up, her little legs shaking like leaves, to yesterday, where she managed to do it a few times, but with considerable effort, to today, where she can do it very quickly, but will cry if her legs start to do the splits, or she falls on her bum.

She's gotten way better at eye-hand-mouth co-ordination. When I give her her puffs(I call them her cookies), she'll take as many of them into one hand at a time(usually 3), then cram whatever piece is sticking out into her mouth. Tonight we were eating asparagus, and after I bit off the tip, she was gumming the piece like crazy, and managed to get some of the insides of it in her mouth.

Tomorrow, we're heading out to finish up bits of Christmas shopping. Her first Christmas stocking, etc. We're trying not to go overboard; after all, she won't remember this Christmas, but she's sure to demand Dora in a few years when she becomes a tiny consumer!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The tree is up, but no sign of teeth!

Why do 'they' make us paranoid that babies are suicidal?

"Keep plastic bags away or babies will suffocate themselves"
-but she is intrigued by them. She'll grab a plastic bag way before a toy-crinkly sound
"Stay with children in the bath or they with drown"
-she has put her face in the water to pick up her rubber duckie with her mouth
"Keep them away from plugs"
-yes, she thinks they're so interesting and has crawled and tried to stick her wet finger in one of them

There's a bunch more, but it explains parent paranoia...

Jillian's happily scooting around now; she doesn't have her timing with her legs and arms matched yet, but I'm sure it will happen sooner rather than later!

Still a gummy smile. Maybe I should take bets and make money that way...

We put the tree up this past week, and I managed to wrap a few presents. I have this weird habit of using up one roll of paper before I start another one. Sure I can't tell who gets what without labels, but the Martha Stewart in me feels a lot better.

We had a birthday party for my dad-in-law yesterday.
10-12 adults
6-7 kids
1 puppy who *didn't* pee or poo in the house(whoopie!)
2 meal options with salad and bread
2 fantastic desserts

Now I'm only taking credit for the main course because Tanya is the Dessert Queen, and no mere mortal can take that title from her! Her hubby was laughing at me, because I was literally *pushing* a second baking pan in the oven next to the first one. Well, it did fit, and nothing burned, so I'm not apologizing! ;)

It was a bit nutty at times with all the kids around, but overall, a lot of fun. I wonder when we can do this again?

I put Jillian's playpen/bassinet in her room next to her crib...I had a flash of Baby #2 sharing the same room with her, and I got a little mushy twinge inside. I am looking forward to getting pregnant again...not yet though!...but I really do enjoy the one on one time that I have with her. I also miss that teeny tiny baby stage, though. But that time is so short!

Monday, December 03, 2007

We've reached the 9 month mark...holy cow!

Just in the last couple of days, Jillian finally got the hang of crawling forwards! I've also noticed that she hardly goes backwards's like she realized how crawling is supposed to work.

First it was:
-crawling backwards
-crawling backwards and going to a sitting position
-attempting to go forward, ending on tummy, then to sitting, pivoting, going on tummy, attempting to move, repeat
-crawling 2 paces, sitting up

Today, it was really noticeable that she was moving forward when we would put a toy in front of her, and instead of lunging for it like she usually does, she really moved!

I think this is the goodbye of clothes without worn-out knees!

She's also starting to make baby steps-literally! When she was standing today with Michael holding her hands, she would make exaggerated steps (knees up to the waist, take a step forward), then collapse with the effort. By this evening, she was really starting to get the hang of it!

We're also having fun playing ball together. I have a mini foam basketball that I would roll to her, and she would kick or push away from her. It's a bright orange, so it really keeps her attention.

She's feeling back to her old self after my last post; as soon as she was starting to feel better, she was ravenous and ate-and-ate-and-ate. She was due for a growth spurt anyway, but it can still catch you off guard. We were supposed to go for a 9-month checkup today, but the weather was INSANE! What, 2 feet of snow or something? Michael's school was actually *closed*; usually, buses will be cancelled, but teachers would still have to go into work. He was happy for an extra day at home with us. It was pretter-looking than the typhoon days we used to have in Taiwan. A Typhoon is like a Hurricane, but just in a different part of the world, so we would have a day or 2 off work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time is going by faster and faster.

Well, I survived a very mild case of Croup. The only time I heard about it was reading "Anne of Green Gables", and Anne was up all night giving the baby medicine, and someone else boiling a lot of water. It's been a bit of a blur since her sleeping schedule was off, and she seemed to revert back to a newborn (didn't want to crawl, awake at all hours, back to breastmilk and formula). She seems to have recovered, thank goodness. Croup is a kind of cold/virus, where you cough and it sounds like you're barking, lots of phlegm (yummy!), and listlessness.

She did however, sneeze (wetly!) over an assortment of gum and chocolate bars at Pearson airport before I could turn her away. oops.

Why were we at the airport? I was testifying at a trial in Windsor.
Bad Guy + Fake ID + Police = 2 Trials, one in February, one on November 15th.

This time he had an attorney...arg. Ok, I'll say that I didn't like her at all, and leave it at that. Hope he pays through the nose for her services, though! It would serve him right. Well, so does jail time! I was going to go to Detroit with Jillian, but I was so jittery after testifying for 1.5 hours, I *knew* the border guards would search me, because they would think that I was trying to hide something. Really, I was just tired of answering questions. I finished the night at the hotel watching "Cable TV" and de-stressing.

In any case, I brought her along. People were super nice at the airport, but I noticed that when I got on the plane, there was the same look on everyone's face:
"Please, PLEASE, don't let that baby sit next to me!!!"
Picture a horrified, scared expression, like they're about to get a really bad tax audit. A nice man even switched seats so I had a spare seat next to me. Really, though, he had the same expression as the others, and moved as soon as he could. I was starting to think I smelled bad or something!

I managed to get from gate to gate pretty easily. Picture this:
-carrying 20lb baby in a Snugli. For those who aren't sure of the weight, picture carrying 2 10 pound potato bags.
-purse/diaper bag on left shoulder with essentials
-baby food on backpack with wheels.

What I can't figure out is what the heck I used to carry when I would fly alone. Because whatever it was, I'm sure as heck not carrying it now and managing without it!

I even met my Economics prof from Carleton U, and he helped me get a discount on my car rental! I knew that he looked familiar, but I really hate saying, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" It sounds like such a pick-up line.

My fabulous coworker Colleen watched Jillian while I was in court, so I knew that I didn't have to worry about her. We also caught up with some coworkers; it felt like old times, and I was sad to leave Windsor again, but was happy to get home and see Michael.

Did I mention that I bought her first pair of shoes? Pink (of course)velcro shoes. I felt like a bad mom because my kid was wearing only socks; never mind that she can't walk yet! Well, if that's the worst thing to worry about, then my life is charmed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My daughter thinks she's an owl. She's spent the last week hooting when she's playing with her toys, looking at us, or any other time she feels like it.

I've also seen her open and close her fists when she's hungry; it looks like sign language for 'milk', but then she also holds her mouth open and looks at you with sad eyes..."Mommy, I am soooo hungry!!!". If she's really hungry, I try not to say milk until I have the bottle in my hands, or she'll go nuts until I give it to her!

Poor girl's been sick this week. We had a hectic weekend last week, and were on the go for 4 days straight, so she picked up something along the way. It's the second time that she's been sick ever, so when she cried, she had a confused look because she didn't understand why she wasn't feeling well. Thank goodness I had some Tempra here, as it helped with her raised temperature. Her sleep patterns were also mixed up too, and Friday night, she was up every couple of hours. Rough! Last night was better, so I hope it's back to normal soon.

I'm still on tooth alert-no signs yet, and she's still gumming stuff like crazy, pulls her ears, etc, but I can't feel anything in her mouth. I've started 'brushing' her gums, and even bought 2 different toothbrushes, but she seems to like it when I put her (baby) toothpaste on a (baby) facecloth and rub her gums with it, but it's really the taste she likes. Not to worry, I will let you know when the first one makes its appearance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I want her to SLEEP!!!

For the 3rd night in a row, Jillian refuses to go to sleep on time...
Sunday night: 1am, after multiple attempts
Monday night: midnight, after ??? attempts
Tuesday night: 11:43pm and she's still kicking. We left Michael's Grandfather's house at 7:35pm, and we got home about 1 hour and 20 minutes later, so she fell asleep and woke up a couple of times. What was remarkable about the trip is that it *should* have taken 20-30 minutes, but there was a roadblock because of an accident, so we had a detour. So we get to the other detour and try to go past it to get to our house. Unfortunately, the location of the accident meant that we had to go *back* through the detour and then get to our house. I shouldn't complain, though:

Ugh. Please, PLEASE don't rush home if you don't have to! You can get there 10 minutes later or not at all.

Ok, it's 11:56 and she finally fell asleep. She's so adorable when she's makes me want to wake her up!

Yeah, weird, but I managed to curb that impulse since she was 2 months old. The aftermath is horrid!

Did I mention that her poopy diapers are getting worse? 3 times she pooped and it got smellier and stinkier every time I changed it. The worst part? I fed her *prunes* today for the first time, so I'm in for a treat just in time for Halloween. Well, it's really more of a trick, because that's not chocolate in her Pampers!

Her eighth month is coming up-wow! She can:
-sit well
-roll and scoot backwards until she is playing with the carpet-I swear it's her favourite toy
-stand well with assistance
-bang stuff with her arms
-scratch her mommy and daddy to bits, because she secretly knows that she can get away with it
-eat fruits and veggies and beef
-turn the lights on and off in her room. There's a chain hanging from the ceiling fan, and as long as I hold her up pretty still, she'll reach for the cord(slowly), and pull it until the lights go on and off. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to replace the lightbulbs on it sooner rather than later!

It should be interesting to see where the next month will lead us!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is her 7 month picture. LOVE IT!
I have a rolling dervish...

Over the last week, Jillian has learned that she can roll over and over, and today I could tell that she has mastered the art of pivoting, and that she really, really likes the orange carpet in the living room.

Yesterday, I had her on a blanket so she could roll back and forth while I cooked supper(wow! I made supper!!!). Anyway, I went back to check on her and she had rolled to the window. The next time I checked on her, she was under the coffee table! Mind you, she was terribly proud of herself. Usually, I can give her a toy to play with and she'll stay in one place, but it looks like it's something that just won't happen anymore. When giving her her bath tonight, she was determined to crawl out of it, then settled for eating the rim of her bathtub.

She's also developed this habit of rolling round and round in her crib, and falling asleep either sideways, or under her comforter with her feet sticking out, just like the Wicked Witch of the East in "The Wizard of Oz".

I just find it shocking that she's made this quest to actively explore her world. It's like she finally figured out that:
rolling on her back and front + creeping + pushing up with her arms = an interesting afternoon.

Food-wise, she's comfortable with veggies, and is in the process of trying different types of fruit. Apples, mango, kiwi, peaches, and I probably forgot a few. Today I caught her saying 'ah' in a teeny-tiny voice when I fed her supper. I guess she got tired of seeing me open my mouth real wide and saying "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh". I called Michael over to witness it, but of course she stopped and grinned at me instead...cheeky monkey!

This weekend she gets her Abuela all to herself, and my mom is thrilled at not having to share Jillian with me too!

Michael's keeping busy with school and I have about 3 more boxes to go until we are officially unpacked. Unfortunately, it's the odds and ends that don't quite have a home, but which we are unwilling to part with. If I throw it in a drawer, does that count?

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's getting chilly in the country!

We had a good Thanksgiving; pretty relaxed, but we did accidentally crash a turkey dinner! Thanks Jeff & Isy for accommodating us! On Monday, we ended up having dinner for 7 people, but honestly, has anyone ever heard of Thanksgiving stew and veggies? I didn't think so! I will try my hand at turkey eventually, though.

Jillian has now mastered sitting up without falling over for a long period of time-as in at least a half hour, to which I am thankful. She is also starting to creep backwards across the floor. 'Creeping' is a term that refers to her moving very slowly, and not being 'creepy', which is a whole other story!

She has now been eating carrots, wax beans (ugh), and green beans (ugh ugh). She has started to accept this food as being normal in her diet and is eating them without complaint now (thank goodness!). She doesn't make as many faces as she used to, and I still haven't introduced fruit yet, but I will as soon as she tries all the veggies. She has a cupboard dedicated to her food, and it looks like the shelf at the grocery store!

I have even been making her homemade carrots. Easy recipe, really:
-blend ( don't forget to add lots of water!)

The dilemma is, although it's super cheap for a bag of carrots, the time it takes to prepare it is a pain in the butt, not to mention the cleanup. But at least I know that I'm picky about the carrots that I'm preparing, and really, where exactly is this factory that makes baby food? Although the label makes us think that the workers there are happy grandmothers that prepare the food and think of our little ones, and are super careful, I doubt that this is the case.

So, she's reached the 7 month mark, and she's got the most adorable photo of her with angel wings on! Yes, I'm a big tease, but I dread to think of how long it would take to upload that picture here.

Anyway, time to take care of the princess! Her hair's long enough now to put into 2 clips as her hair is getting into her eyes now.

Ta ta for now!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I think I'm starting to catch up with my posts here...

The doctor's visit went well. 77cm (30 inches) long, although I think she's more like 28, 'cause it's insane to think that she grew 4 inches in 3 weeks! Her weight's at 16 pounds, 15 ounces, which makes her exactly 10 pounds heavier than when she was born almost 7 months ago, and grew over 10 inches too! How time flies! In any case, she's in the 60th-80th percentile for growth (like anyone except for me cares!), and developing normally.

I told Michael that she only had 5 more pounds to go until she needs a new car seat, and he looked a little freaked out. Oops!

Then she had her next set of shots. The first one was okay, and she cried a little then stopped, but as soon as we turned over to put the next one in her other leg, she FREAKED out! For the rest of the day, whenever I changed her and had her lie down, she shrieked because she thought that she was getting another needle. Not only that, I forgot the baby medicine, so it made for a long day. In any case, she doesn't get any more shots until her 1st birthday (amen!).

I visited my friend Shelley on the 26th, and she rolled over from her back to front (but I missed it!). I had suspected that she could do it before, but I never caught her in the act. Baby Sofia was standing up at the coffee table and shuffling around, as well as walking with assistance! I know you're not supposed to compare babies, *but* when they're so close in age(2 weeks), you can't help it! At least I know what to do next with her!

On the 27th, she tried peas for the first time. I had Michael taste them first, and he reacted like he had just bit into a lemon! But when you think about it, when's the last time you had peas without putting butter, salt and pepper on it?

In any case, she tried them and had the same reaction. Mom got to change her diaper on the 29th, and that was when she had her 'pea' poo. Bleaugh! She tried butternut squash today, and is now looking at me as if to say, "Mommy, where's the good stuff?". I did relent and give her rice cereal again, which I know she likes. Now she's a bit suspicious, and won't necessarily eat it because she's not sure what she's going to get!

If I only had a dollar for everytime someone said, "She must be teething!". Still no sign of any offending teeth yet, but I like her gummy smile just as it is!

I went crazy with baby reading this weekend.
"Shopaholic and Baby"-hilarious, as I've read the whole series so far. Brit comedy.
"Life Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy-very rude but also funny. She did 2 other books on pregnancy and her first year with a baby.
"Life with a Dictator"-also funny, but the author is high maintenance! I think I liked it because I felt that I could cope with a baby better than she did, especially with poopy diapers!

October brings my brother's birthday as well as the "Hunt for her first Halloween Costume", which she won't care about or remember. I suppose that's a good thing as she'll be demanding sugary items before long!

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ah, the baby's fast asleep for the night and I have a high-speed connection right now!

So, the rest of our trip to Trinidad went very well. We:
-went to Toco beach, where Jillian went in the Atlantic Ocean and was having fun until she got hit by a wave and didn't like it anymore!
-went to Enterprise (not the spaceship!), and visited my Dad's side of the family. The neat thing is, I have pictures from when I was a baby and it looks like we were the same size at the same location!
-spent some more time with my maternal grandmother
-ate at a Japanese food restaurant. Similar to the Teppanyaki (sp?) restaurants that we went to in Taiwan, but more elegant
-got tans, but nothing too extreme!

I managed to do some driving as well. Uncle Yves loaned me his car for several days, so I was able to see more family members. There, they drive on the left hand side, and the roads are narrower, so that always takes some getting used to!
I wasn't very comfortable with travelling by public transit for long distances, especially if it included carrying her car seat, clothes, etc. I guess I'm really Canadianised now!

Our flight back was pretty good, although we had to leave Port of Spain(dep:9PM) to go to Caracas, Venezuela(dep: midnight), before we could go back to Toronto(arr:5AM). The upside though was that the plane was emptier on the way back, so my Mom and Aunt got the coveted Emergency Exit row that has a wee bit more leg room, and I got 3 seats together on the other side. Jillian s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out on 2 seats(yes, I did put a seatbelt on her), and I tried to doze off upright. That's when I realized: My happiness depends on her happiness, 'cause there's no way that I could have slept comfortably while she was still awake(and cranky!).

We arrived in Toronto, and my Aunt was on a later connecting flight. So, no problem, Mom, Jillian and myself get on the plane at gate 126, land in Ottawa around 8am, and wait for her to show up an hour later. As the last people are collecting their luggage around 9:30ish, we realize that we forgot to tell her that the next flight was leaving at gate ***132***, not 126! A very long story later, she arrived around noon, and her luggage arrived at our doorstep later on that evening!

Oh, did I mention that my (very handsome!) cousin is an air traffic controller in Trinidad? We had a very nice takeoff, thank you very much!

Jillian's baptism was also today. We had Father Paul (aka. Father What-a-Waste). My friend Shell came up with the nickname when he was at her parish over 12 years ago. My Aunt came from Trinidad, my Uncle from Toronto (who also cooked for us afterwards), and my Dad made the drive up from NYC. Vanessa came from Montreal as the role of Godmother, and Shawn as the Godfather(no Marlon Brando jokes, please!).

Everything went pretty smoothly (I think), and she looked *adorable* in her Christening gown that Shawn's mom made. She didn't even cry when the holy water hit her! I think that maybe she was wondering why she was getting a bath in the middle of the day with her clothes on and so many people watching! She's used to leaning over her tub like that when we are getting ready to wash her hair! hee hee....

She did get cranky at my Mom's house with everyone around, wanting to hold her, and the fancy-schmancy dress that I wanted her to wear, but wasn't comfy for her. She did manage to pass out for a few hours, and was rearing to go until 11pm tonight!

Tomorrow is her 6 month checkup at the doctor's, including her next round of shots. I wonder if she'll remember the doctor's office from the last time?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

hey all,
i'm sorry about the lower case, but I'm in an internet cafe in trinidad trying to give jillian water and type at the same time! we're having fun meeting family again, but we're missing michael lots as he has started teaching with his new school and obviously can't take time off work!

jillian's mastered rolling over from her tummy to back, and can sit unassisted on the couch for long periods of time, but will tip over on her back if I sit her on the floor. she also likes to hold onto people's arms and *squeeze* her hand together, creating a nasty pinching sensation! I have dropped the f-bomb a few times because it hurts so bad and I can't disengage her in time!

she's slowly getting used to the heat...but she can't stay anywhere without air con!

sorry, gotta run, but I'll try t o finish this before I leave!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We went to Montreal this past weekend, and it was great catching up with our friends who biked from Toronto to Montreal. I must admit that the majority of the bikers had nice bums! hee hee... Everyone was going to a bar afterwards, except 2 people. Can you guess who they were? I'll give you a wasn't Michael!

Jillian had a good time, but is starting to 'make strange' with new people. According to my baby book, she's right on schedule for that. At least she's comfy with Mom and Michael, otherwise I'd have very tired arms!

Also, on August 5th, we decided to introduce her to rice cereal. For a baby, this is a solid, although it looks like gruel.

The VERY FIRST spoonful!!!

All done!

For the record, she did like it, and there was no more cereal in the bowl, but as you can see from the last picture, probably half of it ended up on her than in her.

We are getting ready for our big move next week. There are tons of boxes; how the heck do we manage to accumulate this much stuff? I even found papers from when I was a teenager. At least it'll be useful when it comes time to light a fire!

Unfortunately, where we'll be moving to only has dial-up internet, so I'm not sure what it'll mean when it comes to these posts. I will probably only be able to add pictures when I visit my mom's house. Hopefully, I can still write on a regular basis.

Anyway, time for more packing!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ah, we've hit the 5 month mark! Jillian's celebrated this milestone by *not* sleeping in in the mornings! Arg! Judging by her increased hunger, it's going to be time for solid food...not the kind that we eat, but stuff like rice cereal. Think of it as a watery gruel. I'll try to get some pics in of her first bites.

Now she spends less time looking at faces, and is really getting to know the rest of the world around her. Although this afternoon was super hot, we sat on a shaded porch and watched the wind blow the leaves on the tree in the front yard. She was so amazed at this and it was so peaceful. It beat the heck out of staying inside and watching TV. We did manage to return indoors before we got overly sweaty.

Her babbling now includes 'bye', 'I'. The rest of it is still kinda drooly. I'm still practicing ma-ma, but it doesn't seem to interest her right now.

This weekend, we're heading to Montreal with her to meet up with a couple of friends that were involved in a bike rally from Toronto to Montreal to raise money to help people living with AIDS. You can check it out at:

I had a few complaints about the flickr website for pictures. I tried it today and it worked. If there's still issues, please let me know at .

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, July 30, 2007

If you didn't get my email, I have transferred my photos to:

Yahoo! has decided to go with Flickr instead of their regular Yahoo! photos. At least I was able to keep all 537 photos instead of losing all the albums that I have set up-I started it in April 2004, so I would have been pretty ticked off!

Jillian's going to be 5 months old next week! Yikes! 7 more months of maternity leave left....NOOOO! She was a bit fussy today as she really, REALLY likes her morning naps. On Saturday, we went shopping in the morning, and on Sunday, we visited some relatives in the AM, so by Sunday afternoon, she was alternating between smiling, crying, eating(sipping!), then napping for short intervals. I put her in a swing, and bliss(!), she was out for 45 minutes. She passed out around 10pm, and we're going to take it easy in the AM, so she'll be her normal, contented self.

I know that some people say that it's not a good idea to plan your whole life around the children, and I agree. I just know that I'm awfully grumpy when I don't sleep enough, and I like to sleep in too!

My sister-in-law will be showing up next week-yipee! She's currently in Iqualuit (AKA Up North), and hasn't met Jillian yet. She's also due with her first baby in December! We're very excited for her, but are trying to cook up schemes to get her to have her baby here in Ottawa. This is purely for selfish reasons as we want to see her baby ASAP when he/she shows up. Any ideas anyone? ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yesterday was a fun day!

I have been pestering my friend Shelley to get pictures of her daughter done close by my house, seeing as it's a good deal and I finally bullied her into it! (hee hee!)

Anyway, she showed up with Sofia (who's 2 weeks younger than Jillian) and it was the first time that they were really aware of each other and interacting. Well, at first, they were examining each other and chatted a bit (although it sounded like, "Sqwack!", "Screech!", *drool*, etc) Then Sofia looked at Jillian's right hand (which was in Jillian's mouth at the time), slowly reached towards Jillian with both hands, then grabbed Jillian's arm and put her fist in her mouth!!!

Jillian was a little taken aback that her fist was in Sofia's mouth, then she realised that she had a left hand and put that into her mouth instead. We started cracking up. What's a little drool between friends?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

According to the website, my blog is rated R because of:
pain (11x) sex (7x) pooped (3x) poop (2x) crack (1x)


Monday, July 16, 2007

How can you not love this face!!!

As you can see, she's enjoying more and more time on her tummy; it should only be a matter of time till she's rolling over!

By the way, I did add a few more photos to:

Not much new lately. We're suspecting that she's teething as she's drooling, chomping on her hands, and pulling on her ears. Secretly, I hope it doesn't happen yet. I love her gummy smile! Plus, I don't want her to bite me either!

She recently received a set of socks with rattles that look like puppies on them. When Michael changed her diaper, she was amazed that her feet looked like dogs and immediately grabbed at them!

She's getting a lot out of her stroller rides. She likes to lean forward with her head and swivel her head back and forth while she inspects the wide, wide world. Watching the wind move the leaves on the trees enthrall her. Looking at my red shirt will keep her attention as well! She got a bit cranky 1/2 way through the walk, but once her stroller was reclined, she fell asleep right away.

I like my stroller. Do they make them in adult sizes and can someone push me around while I take a nap? Wait, on second thought, it would be way too weird to take a nap, and have random people see you sleep.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My name is Idania and I buy my clothes at a grocery store.

There, I said it! How can you argue with a $5 shirt? It is a super-mega-googleplex grocery store...the kind you could live in for a few months in case of emergency. Mind you, it takes the same amount of time to go shopping there too!

We're all enjoying the summer weather...well, Michael's at work during that prime time of sunshine, but now that his summer class is over, we see him every night. Yipee!

We went to Orillia this past weekend to visit our 'Taiwan gang'. Funny thing is, we met 3 out of 6 siblings while we were in Taiwan, and are now good friends with 4 of them! Michael went to school with one of them while we were in Windsor. It was wonderful catching up with everyone. One couple just bought a house, so we were their first house-guests. Loved the size and backyard, though I have never mowed a lawn before! Another couple are visiting from Taiwan and are prego with their first child (girl!) and they look so content and thrilled...I am sooo happy for the both of them!!!

We ended up going to a wedding on Saturday; unexpected, and didn't have anything to wear, but got to borrow a skirt, with the intention being to change in the washroom of the church. Where is the w/c? I had no idea and changed behind one of the witnesses! Thank goodness! At the reception, they played "In my Daughter's Eyes" which made me bawl like a baby; I was also holding Jillian at the time.

Also managed a boat tour that enabled us to catch up on local gossip and look at the ritzy cottages that made me feel poor at the end of the trip. :( Oh well...

Jillian was AWESOME the entire trip. Only started crying on the last day because she was hot and hungry, and it was maybe for 10 minutes. It was an emotional goodbye for many reasons, but I can't wait to see everyone again(hopefully soon!)

Got Jillian's second round of shots on July 3rd. She's now 2 feet tall and 14 pounds; the doc says that she's right on track. I think that she might have known about the vaccination, because she started crying during the checkup and before she got her 2 shots. Another 2 months to go before the next round, thank goodness.

She's started giggling (when she feels like it), and has mastered holding her head up. I am practicing having her on her tummy, so she can learn to roll over, but she hates lying down that way. She loves it when her feet touch the ground so she can push herself to a standing position as well as when her Daddy lifts her up in the air; she stretches out so she looks like she's flying like Superman. She's really grasping objects well, but she tends to lick whatever she's holding on to, so I'm doing my best to keep her hands clean. She also found out how to suck her thumb on July 7th (She doesn't like soothers), but I'm hoping that this is a phase.

Hope everyone is well and happy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 20th- applied for Jillian's passport...
June 25th- got it in the mail!!!

Wow! That hour and a half that I spent in line really paid off! She looks like she's wearing a wig from the Donald Trump collection, but very cute nonetheless!

We also went to visit a friend yesterday that has a 5 week old daughter...I couldn't get over the size difference between the both of them....both girls are about 10 weeks apart. The 'new' baby is so cute and tiny! You can tell that she's really looking at the whole world, but especially her!

Also, seeing Jillian moving her head around independently and 'talking' makes me see how far she has come. She's started to really kick at one of her toys, to the extent that she can kick it away from her...yikes! She must get those strong legs from her mom!

Friday, June 22, 2007

There was no posing this shot!

Oh, I love Friday nights! Michael's finished work and we get to hang out as a family without him needing to work the next day. Right now, the both of them are watching the NHL entry draft. To me, it's like watching paint dry...for Michael, it's like watching the Victoria's Secret models strut their stuff... po-ta-to, po-tat-o.
Michael's started playing this game with Jillian: He lifts her into the air and says, "Up, up and away!" Sometimes she gets into it and throws her arms into the air like she's Superman. Very cute.
It's good to run errands with Jillian. Sure, it's a lot slower, but:
-I get to work out my arms from carrying her car seat around,
-She gets tons of compliments from strangers ("Look at all that hair!")
-She has to listen to everything I say!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In her baby pod
Wearing an outfit that Grandma Riley made.

Ah, summer! The weather's gotten a lot better and we get outside more often. Jillian's not too crazy about the hot weather, but doesn't complain when the A/C is on full blast!

We're having fun living with my mom until we get our own place. It's nice to have another grownup to talk to during the day and Jillian's able to get to know her 'Abuela' better.

Jillian now weighs in at over 14 pounds, so she's doubled her birthweight. She's also over 2 feet tall (long?), and loves making bubbles with her spit. She's a pro with the bottle (phew!) and is really taking an interest with the world around her. She's starting to get used to lying on her tummy, but it'll take some time before she's totally comfy with it. Also, when she goes to bed and we play some lullabyes for her, she'll 'sing' along with the music till she falls asleep. She can sit up with assistance, and although she's got a bit of bobble-head, she's getting better every day. She can also stand briefly with assistance, but I don't do that often as her little bones aren't ready for that yet.

Michael's working back at his old job again this summer. He has a couple of pictures of Jillian on his desk so she can keep him company during the day. He's also taking night classes 3 times a week as well (6-9pm), so he's feeling really worn out by the end of the week. Luckily that class is over at the end of next week, so he'll be able to spend more time with us during the summer.

As for me? I'm getting addicted to Home and Garden TV (a station that talks about renovating, decorating, selling and buying homes).

Friday, June 08, 2007

Soothers and Swings

We've all gotten over our colds now (thank goodness!), and this week, Michael started back at his old company, and still taking classes at night, 3 times a week! I still don't know how he does it.

This week, we've reintroduced Jillian to her swing, and she loves it! In fact, when we tried to take her out of it on Sunday, she started crying! And it's the type that you turn the handle, so we don't have to worry about buying batteries or tripping over a plug!

I've also managed to take her on a few walks this week to the grocery store (it's only 10 minutes away), and its been cold again, but she's been bundled up pretty well. Lately, she's been either really alert or fast asleep. She had her growth spurt right around the 3 month mark (last week), and I'm really seeing a difference. She's still enjoying her little gym that plays music and flashes lights and her bouncy chair. However, she is amandant about not being on her tummy! She'll have her face right in her blanket and start crying. Ah well. I guess she'll catch on when she starts to roll over?

We've also been trying each night to have her take one bottle, so she's not completely dependent on me. Don't get me wrong, I love the time that I spend breastfeeding her, but sometimes I just want to stand up and run around in circles when she's taking her time! It was HORRID to say the least! She didn't want anything to do with the bottle and would scream at us. Then I was putting her soother/comforter/binky/dummy in her mouth and watch her pop it out. Then I would do it again, just to see. Then on Wednesday, she caught on that she could suck on it! Woo hoo! I tried to experiment and added the bottle when she spit out her soother, and voila! She started to drink from the bottle! Now Michael can feed her too!

Now if we can get her to change her own diaper....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Wow, I've been letting this slide for too long!

Here's a quick recap:

May 11th-Jillian starts her baby talk, including cooing...I LOVE IT! We have conversations for 5 minutes at a time, and what's adorable is the look she has on her face at the same time, like she's serious about what she's talking about.

May 19th -While in New York, my dad was getting sick, and it was rainy, so we stayed around Queens. The next day, we went to Coney Island and walked around, got (what else?) a hotdog! Apparently, that's where it originated. It was pretty good, but at $2.49, not the best deal! On the 20th, we went shopping and hung out, then we headed back to Ottawa.

This week, all 3 of us are sick...ugh. I think that Jillian got it first, then I got it, and now Michael. Luckily, it's a summer cold, but we're doing okay. Anyway, I'd better check up on the princess and take a nap; Michael's still well enough to go to the grocery store

Friday, May 18, 2007

jillIan loves NY

Well we arrived safe and sound in the windy city.... I mean the big Apple (-: Michael, Jillian and myself are in NYC... East side as they say... visiting my Dad who works in Manhatten. We're here for the long weekend.

Today we decided to go to Manhatten. (It got it's name from the local aboriginal tribe located here at the time of the Europeans arrival) We had an eventful subway ride into the city from Queens. While on the train, I got offered to buy illegal pirated DVDs. Thanks but no thanks. Then a 70 yr old former drug addict turned preacher got on and gave up a fire and brimstone makeshift sermon. I only thought these things happened in the movies on subway trains but apparently not.

We started off by going to the Seinfeld restaurant that you always see in the show. I really wanted to see it. We got some great pics of the family there. It's located at 112th and Broadway if you have no life and want to look it up on mapquest or some other mapping site!

We then took the subway to Time Square. It was surprisingly busy there. We bought Jillian a toy at the largest toy store in the world, Toys R Us. Then we walked to Madison Square Garden to see a hockey shrine but Messier wasn't there. Between MSG and the Empire State building, Jillian pooped herself really bad and Starbucks doesn't have any change tables. Only adults without kids are supposed to frequent this establishment. I guess parents don't have any money for $4 coffees and expressos!!!

We headed to Micky Ds and they could accomidate our needs. By that time it was too late and Jillian had it all over her back sides and front. The green poop went thru her onezi and her PJs. It was a HUGE mess. As we cleaned her up we could hear people complaining about us taking too long in there.

By this time, we were all "POOPED" and we headed back to Queens. The subway ride was not nearly as entertaining on the way back. The ending to this entry is not as exciting as it should be.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Manhatten. I want to see Carrie Bradshaw in her natural environment. (he he)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Haven't been on top of this lately...let's see...

Had a mini-elementary school reunion on May went pretty well, and we were looking at each other's babies, eating and remembering the 'good old days'. Can't believe how long it's been since I finished Elementary school, but I'm not going to throw out any numbers!

Jillian's dressed up for my mom's Glow Party; she holds it every year and you have to wear white because of the black lights on the dance floor. It looks really neat to see everyone dancing and aglow. We had to wait till the end of the Senator's game...which went into double overtime! Thank goodness they won! My Uncle Bunnie was the Chef Extraordinare again...wish I could have eaten the jerk chicken this year, but it was hilarious to see everyone panting and asking for water!

The next day was Mother's Day. Jillian (with Michael's help) got me some flowers and a nice card. Jillian almost threw up on the card itself (she was holding it for me), but changed her mind at the last minute! Michael was very relieved about that! In the afternoon, we went to visit some family at a Mother's Day BBQ, and got a few pictures:

If you go to: , I've added some more pictures to the albums.

Jillian's finally fallen asleep, so I'll try to do the same. Thank goodness for Baby Bijorn's!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


So I thought that watching TV while breastfeeding Jillian was a good way to pass the time, right?

I get these weekly updates from to tell me how Jillian's progressing, what to look for, etc. I really enjoy this site as I find it full of information. Anyway, it's saying about how it's better for me to look at her while she's eating, and talk to her, etc., just like you would at the dinner table. Now I'm feeling guilty for watching CSI and Oprah. *sigh*

So, no:
-chocolate ($&%!), or anything else with caffeine
-TV when feeding (which is one of the few times during the day that I watch TV)

Woe is me!!!

On another note, I have gotten complaints about not putting enough pictures on. You can go to: and look at her photo album at the bottom. I will try to remember to include this link from time to time; otherwise, you can save this under "Favourites" on your (personal, not public!) computer.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

First Immunization-May 2nd
Oh, I was feeling a bit anxious! Jillian got not 1, but 2 shots today, one in each leg. I took my friend's recommendation and gave her some Tempra before I left. When the nurse came in, she was cranky because her diaper was dirty. She showed me how to hold her right leg down, then got the needle. As the nurse was about to inject her, Jillian kicked with her left leg and the nurse ended up getting the needle in her own hand! Luckily, she was nice about it, and Jillian got her shots!

Her crying wasn't as bad as I thought, and by the time she ate, she had calmed down and fell asleep. Actually, she spent most of the day sleeping. Poor girl, when she woke up, she would whimper and cry while I changed her, then cried while she was eating. I know it's for her own good, but I don't like to see her in pain, even if it's only for the day. In any case, it was like when she was a newborn, just sleeping and eating the whole day. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to sleep at night, but she was fine.

Phew! Now we don't have to go back for another 2 months. She's now 11 pounds, 7 ounces, and 23 inches long, so her growth has slowed down a bit from the first month. I'm just astounded that women give birth to babies this size! I couldn't even begin to imagine.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sunday, April 29th
Jillian got to meet the Riley clan for the first time. I took a ton of photos, and I promise that I will get around to posting them eventually. Anyway, there was a lot of children around, and 6 girls under 3 years old! Jillian was the youngest by about 2 weeks and (mostly!) the quietest. When she heard the other girls crying, she started to cry too. Michael scooped her up and took her to the other room, because he didn't want her to pick up any 'bad habits'. Very cute reaction.
April 25th Train Ride

The only person that got a good night's sleep before the train ride was Jillian, as Michael and I were busy packing the night before...I'm pretty sure we both ended up with less than 3 hours sleep! In any case, we managed to get to the train station for 5:20, and got our tickets as well as checking in our luggage. When it came time to board, I heard those magical words:
"At this time, we would like to ask families with young children to board first."
Ah bliss! I tried to supress a grin as I got ahead of everyone else crowded at the gate...hee hee!

The ride went very well; because it was so early, people slept for the few hours on the way to Toronto. I managed to catch a few zzz's, and Jillian woke me up once to eat. Once we got to Toronto, I learned that I didn't have to switch trains, so we had a quiet hour to ourselves inside. It was just another few hours and then we got to Great Grandma's house! She was excited to meet Jillian for the first time and we got some much-needed rest. Mom picked us up the next day, and we finished our trip to Ottawa.

It was nice to take the train as I didn't have to worry about driving and having to stop whenever she was hungry or poopy. Thank goodness Michael was nice enough to talk me out of driving all the way back!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well, the departure date for Jillian and myself will be April 25th; so after making the family and friend rounds, I will probably make my next post in early May. Should also have a ton more pictures!

Just wanted to keep you updated!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Someone loves her Daddy!
This is a real smile; Michael managed to make her smile 4 times in a row! I can't believe the progress that she's making! As of tomorrow, she'll be 7 weeks old.
Michael's last day of class is tomorrow, then exams on Monday, then ALL DONE!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy birthday Mom!
Cute milestone (early!) this morning; Jillian was lying on me, and was able to raise her head and look at me in the eye for a while! It was an insane hour in the morning, but worth it! She's also starting to bat at the toys in her bouncy chair and her coordination is getting better. She especially likes looking at the orange kitty on her chair; she could look at it for ages on end! She also unofficially weighs 11.5 pounds: I weighed myself, then her, then calculated the difference.
Today also marks the last week in Windsor for the family. Michael's wrapping up his last classes and a few exams and then he'll be done! We're looking forward to going, but we've met some really great, down to earth people here. Windsor has a small town feeling, but you can still get to the 'city' (and some great shopping) across the river. If Windsor and Ottawa were a lot closer, I think that we would have stayed here. A 9 hour minimum drive is just too much for us though.
*sniff* Saying goodbye sucks.

On a lighter note, I am really getting to know late night TV. The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson is really funny- better than Letterman, but I think some of it has to do with his Scottish accent! Also managed to watch "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights". Patrick Swayze also makes an appearance as a dance instructor, but he has a smaller role than the last one. It was decent enough to watch at 3am!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Pictures!

I added another 23 pictures to my yahoo account.

Pick Jillian at the bottom.
Miss Cranky-Pants
Why can I get sleeping pics and hungry/gassy/tired pics, but no smiley ones? I think that picture was taken the night she fell asleep after 3am...long night, but she slept for 6 hours straight!
Anyway, she is lying on me right now and is content (baby definition: fed, dry diaper and sleeping). I'm a little sad because she officially outgrew her newborn sleeper. When we first put it on her 6 weeks ago, she was *swimming* in it. Michael was shocked that she could out grow something that fast. I think he said, "We'd better have at least 3 kids to make this cost-effective!" (Slow down, mister!). So, I'm officially thanking the people that said, "Don't buy newborn things! She'll grow out of it!".
Packing is going...slowly! In fact, I should be doing that instead of hanging out on the computer.
I found a new addiction: . If you are prepared to go on there for hours at a time, then go ahead. Otherwise, enter at your own risk! The first night I signed up, I was up till 5:30am!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yes, it's currently 2:42am...

I was waiting for Miss Jillian to wake up to feed her, but she's fast asleep...

I want her asleep, she stays awake...
I try to keep her awake when she eats, and she falls asleep...
I try to put her in her crib when she sleeps, and she wakes up...
I put her on the couch with the lights and TV on, and she stays asleep...


But she's so darn *cute* when she's sleeping!

Betcha $5 that once I lie down, she'll wake up and want some food!

Michael has classes this week, so he's able to help out more... woo hoo! We're starting to pack up to move back to painful! Yeah, I'm just delaying the inevitable packing(April). And unpacking(In May). And repacking (In August). And re-unpacking(In September). I am making a pledge *not* to move for at least 2 years once we have found our place in September. It's funny how much you can accumulate, especially when you try to get in back into the packing boxes!

Do you think that I can get away with borrowing my mom's clothes this summer and only wearing sandals? Hmmm...

I get to relive pregnancy again through my friends; 2 are due in June, 1 around September/October, and 1 special person in December!!! Hee hee! It's absolutely *raining* babies this year!

Jillian is growing in leaps and bounds and is starting to make sounds like "ah!". She was grabbing my hair yesterday, and is getting better at lifting her head up, but if I'm not careful, her head will drop against my ribcage, and she'll get *mad*. She's still not crazy about lying on her tummy, but she is enjoying her baths more and more each time. Tonight, she was splashing the water with her arms and legs and trying to suck on the washcloth when we were washing her face!

Our friends Mat & Shannon came by yesterday and they brought Thai food...thank you so much, you two! Jillian was very well behaved to the point that Michael thought that Shannon would leave with Jillian if we gave her the chance! ;) Jillian seems to be a social person at this point in time, as she's very calm during her alert periods and loves looking at new people. Sometimes I feel that if I blink, then I'll miss something new with her.

In any case, time to get some sleep! Is it 3am already?

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jillian and her Grandpa
Happy Monday!!
Has it really been a month already? My mom says that she can tell that Jillian's gotten bigger in the last 10 days. She's got these cute little dimples on the back of her knuckles on her hands and I swear that even her fingers have gotten bigger! Her tear ducts are starting to work a bit too, so when she cries, she has these teeny tiny tears which can really break your heart!
I ended up taking a lot of pictures this weekend as both my parents came over; so when I get some free time, I'll be able to post some more up. Speaking of which, Jillian spent very little time lying down this weekend! Between my parents and Michael, all I ended up doing was feeding her, and giving her to the closest person when I was finished. It was funny watching my dad and Michael trying to hold her the most; when one was holding her, the other one was dancing around, waiting for his chance to swoop in and take her next. It was really hilarious.
Her eyes are open more and more, so it's great seeing her make that contact with you. Michael fed her yesterday and he loved the fact that she was totally focused on him while she was eating. The only thing that she doesn't seem to like right now is 'tummy time'. I'll put her on her tummy, and she'll be fine for about ...oh... 1 minute, then she'll start to yell at me to pick her up or turn her over! I swear that if her arms were as strong as her legs, she'd be crawling already!!!
By the way Jen, I did read your blog! When is your next update?
I love Jen because she will say *exactly* what is on her mind and get away with it!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Us, 2 years ago...
Why the trip down memory lane? Our 2 friends showed us pictures of their trip to Borocay, in the Philippines. (see: if you feel like learning something new today).
They're pregnant too, and she's due in October, so this is their last hurrah, as Michael would like to say. In any case, Michael was a *wee* bit jealous as our traveling days are over for the time being. Plus, he wanted to do some more travelling when we left Taiwan, but I wanted to return to Canada ASAP. Anyway, this picture is a nice reminder that we did do our roaming and adventuring before having Jillian. Of course, I doubt that we would cart our kids to the top of that same summit and stand on the edge the way that we did that day! I still see a lot of travelling in our future, especially if Michael has anything to do with it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daddy doesn't taste like milk!
Went to the doctor's office today and Jillian's gaining weight well.
Birthweight Thursday March 1st: 6 pounds, 15 ounces
Last week Tuesday March 20th: 7 pounds, 15 ounces
This week Tuesday March 27th: 8 pounds, 15 ounces
I kid you not; she doesn't like whole numbers! Of course, I could have upped the last one if I went to the doctor's with a 'full' diaper...
Mom's been a huge help this week; today, she bathed Jillian by herself in the bathroom.
Usually, Michael and I need to bring the tub to the coffee table, and he holds her while I bathe her. Mom did it in the baby tub in the bathtub by herself, and Jillian was so relaxed, until it was time to get out! Mom followed up with a massage, some baby exercises, then I fed her till she fell asleep...and she's still asleep in her crib! AMAZING!!!
Speaking of zzz's, time for me to catch some!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

my sweet jillian
why oh why
do you love
to sleep during the day
and not at night
unless i hold you
and type with one hand?

i am forever grateful
that you do not cry
unless you are hungry
(knock on wood)

thank goodness you are so cute
or you would not get away with this!!!

and its 2:26am!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My chub-chub...I love her cheeks!

I had a nurse come and visit the apartment today to get some more baby information and to check on Jillian's weight...

She's at 7 pounds, 15 ounces, so she's bypassed her birthweight, which means she's chowing down like she should!

Also, she'll be meeting her Abuela (spanish for Grandmother) for the first time today! I'm so excited!
I think being prego for 9 months is a good idea, as it gives you time to get used to having a baby:

Stage 1: Holy cow! We're having a baby!
Stage 2: It's the size of a chickpea?
Stage 3: My pants don't fit anymore and I just look fat.
Stage 4: It's kicking me!
Stage 5: Get off my bladder NOW!!!
Stage 6: You mean it has to come out of me somehow???
Stage 7: SHOPPING!!! It's so cute! Let's buy it!
Stage 8: Get out already!
Stage 9: OMG...time to go to the hospital.
Stage 10: Oh, the PAIN! AHHH! Where the heck is the Morphine/baseball bat to knock me out???

Thursday, March 15, 2007

(Jillian and her 'bunny' guard)

Jillian is 2 weeks old today!

We've gone through:

-over 100 diapers (yah, it's true!)
-too many wipes to count!
-14 nights of interrupted sleep
-many many phone calls to our family and friends
-1 set of batteries for our camera
-5 lullabies that we sing over and over
-6 story books that Michael reads daily to Jillian
-9 baths
-1 poop incident that we will not discuss

We've also experienced:

-10 cute fingers
-10 adorable toes
-1 full head of hair
-many cute smiles (no, it's not gas!)
-her crazy noises that sounds like an old man grunting
-seeing her get all chubby (I go nuts when I see her tummy, I swear!)

So, yes, I could go on and on about how much we love her!!! We will be putting on some pictures up shortly...I just want to make sure that I don't put duplicate pictures up!

Super news! My friend Shelley is in labour right now! Wish her a good delivery!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Woo hoo!

My engagement ring fits again!!! No luck on my wedding band yet; there's no way it can go over my knuckle, but then again, I haven't been able to wear it for a couple of months now. Patience...

If you have time to spare/waste:

A Detroit radio station that I listen to in the mornings; they're a pretty hilarous bunch of people. Their latest giveaway was Justin Timberlake tickets, but the listeners had to work for it... ewww! If you're brave enough, click on the link and look at the pictures!
(Michael is playing a game with Jillian.)

What a great weekend!

Michael finished his placement on Friday, and has been a huge help now that he's here all week. Not only has he been making all our meals, he's also done the grocery shopping, cleaned up, and taken Jillian for a walk on Saturday and Sunday so I can have a break, and for him to have some one-on-one time with her.
Jillian's been eating like a champ and still sleeping lots! She's started growing into a lot of the clothes that we've received, which makes me a little sad, because I don't want her to grow up! I'm so wacky, huh?
Her bellybutton fell off on Saturday. I didn't have the "Sex and the City" reaction where Miranda freaks out. I was happy about that because it was starting to smell funky!
I've managed to catch up on the congratulatory e-mails; of course there's still a ton in my inbox that I haven't gotten around to yet!
Hope everyone enjoys their workweek! Please send out a labour vibe to my friend Shelley; her due date is tomorrow but she hasn't gone into labour yet!!! Hurry up and give Jillian a playmate!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Has it really been 8 days since Jillian was born?

I found out that she likes:

And she doesn't like:
-when I change her diaper
-when she gets a bath
-when I wait too long to feed her (anything over a 5 minute wait)

It's amazing how quickly someone becomes the centre of your world. We've got a good routine down this week:

-8am- Michael leaves for his placement. Jillian's usually finished eating at this point, so she (sometimes me too) goes to sleep.
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-4pm- Michael returns and plays with Jillian for a bit
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-11pm- Michael goes to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-she wakes up, cries, I change her and feed her
-she goes back to sleep
-Aaaand that takes us back to 8am!!

Now March break has started!!! I'm excited because Michael's going to be home for the next 9 days, plus the weather promises to be superb this week, so we can go outside instead of being cooped up in the house.

I took Jillian to her first doctor's appointment; I didn't like the doctor very much as he's the kind of doctor that double-books his appointments and in very much in a rush to get things done quickly without getting to know his patients or to explain 'why' he's doing something. I'll try to bring Michael to the next appointment, as I'm a non-confrontational type of person.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here's my birth story. I tried not to be too gory or graphic. I also apologize in advance for my grammatical's 4am and I've only dozed on and off tonight.


Feb 28th-Go to my OB appointment and told I'm 3cm dialated.

March 1st:

1am- Wake up to go to the bathroom, but there was a new ache that I was experiencing. I also felt a little trickle when I sat up. I waited another 20 minutes to be sure, to make sure that I was having real contractions.

1:20- Wake up Michael. He was a bit out of it when I told him that we had to go to the hospital. He asks if he has time to take a shower and I say yes, as the pain is manageable.

1:40- We leave for the hospital, which is less than 15 minutes away. We hadn't been there before, but it was easy to find the entrance. The contractions were getting steadily stronger at this point, so when Michael drove into the parking lot, I got out immediately and walked to the entrance; I just couldn't sit in the car anymore. I had never registered there before, so we took maybe 10-15 minutes to get all of our personal information.

2am-ish- we went to Prenatal Triage to see if this was the 'real deal'. I was checked and found to be 5cm dialated, but my water hadn't broken yet. They decided to send me to the delivery room after monitoring the baby's heartbeat and my contractions for a while.

(This is where I start to lose track of time...)

The hospital was really crowded in the regular delivery room, so I was in the high-risk delivery room. ( I was told this later). I was hooked up to monitors, but because I was really uncomfortable on my back, I was lying on my side. Turns out that it made it harder to tell how much stronger my contractions were getting. I told the nurses that I didn't want an epidural, because I was nervous about anything getting near my spinal cord!

3:30- I wuss out because the contractions were getting too unbearable and ask for the epidural. I don't remember the exact pain, but I do remember hanging onto the side railings and shaking it back and forth like I wanted to break it off! The nurse came over at that point and walked me through the contractions while Michael applied counter-pressure to my hip bone to relieve the pain.

3:40- I was told that the anesthesiologist will arrive at 4am, and the epidural will kick in at about 4:20am. When I'm guided through the contractions at this point, I'm asked to think about my happy place. I look at the epidural medicine and imagine it relieving my pain!!!

3:50- The nurse advises me that I will feel like I want to have a bowel movement when the baby is ready to come out. She also checks and tells me that I'm 9cm dialated. She starts to move faster now, getting things ready that the doctor will need for the delivery.

3:55-This time, I feel the baby move down and I start shouting, "I have to poo! I have to poo!". The nurse tells me to wait for the doctor to show up, but the contractions don't let up, so I start shrieking, "The baby's coming! The baby's coming!" My body starts to push automatically.

4:00-The doctor, 3 nurses(I think) and the anesthesiologist magically appear out of nowhere. The anesthesiologist immediately apologises for not getting there sooner and I forgave him. I am moved onto my back and start screaming. The nurses tell me to shut up and put my energy into pushing. It would have been funny if I wasn't in so much pain. I decide to listen to them and immediately the contraction-feeling goes away. It felt so nice! At that point I was a good girl and followed their directions. When the baby started to crown, I was asked if I wanted to feel its head. I remember saying/shouting "No", because all I wanted to do was to get-it-out-right-now.
4:07am - After maybe 4-5 more contractions, the baby came out and I found out I had a girl!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I thought that it was appropriate to change the title now!


March 1st, 2007, 4:07am

6 pounds, 15 ounces

18 inches long

Gorgeous girl! (But of course, I am extremely biased!)

Things are going very well for the 3 of us; Michael and I are absolutely head over heels in love with her.

Here is a link to where I will be posting pictures of her:

I will add to this as time goes on...of course!
Anyway, I will post the birth story shortly(when I'm awake enough!)
Take care, and thanks to everyone for the good wishes!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey hey!

Came back from the doctor's, and Michael was able to come with me this time. Usually he hasn't because of his school schedule.

Heartrate 140-150


I'm 3cm dialated! In other words, when I'm 10cm, I'll be ready to push the baby out! The doctor said that I could go anytime, but some women are like this for another couple of weeks, so we just have to be patient a bit longer! We were completely shocked and couldn't stop grinning at each other. Just can't wait to see Baby Riley!

Anyway, our bags are packed and at the door; now we just need to install the carseat and we should be all set to go. Now that the buzz has worn off, I'm feeling a bit pooped. I suppose I'll keep puttering around and cleaning up till I fall asleep tonight.

We have a Formal with Michael's class this Friday, and my work is hosting a shower for me this weekend...Michael insists that the baby stay in until those events are over...hah! As if I have control over the main event!

Not too much longer!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Signs you should go on maternity leave...
1) You leave the car keys on the passenger seat overnight with the door unlocked.
2) You are almost late for work because you are looking in the house for these *#&$@ keys.
3) You drive into the parking lot and almost hit your coworkers' car (as in 2-3 inches to spare). The lot was icy, but still!!!
4) Unholy gas...I pity the fool that has an appointment with me today!
5) You remind people of the penguins from 'Happy Feet' because of your exceptional waddling skills.
6) You forget *everything*!!!
7) You have a collection of random stuff by your feet because:
a) You're clumsy and drop stuff.
b) There's no way you're going to be able to stand up after you bend over to pick them up!
8) Sleep deprivation is making you have fantasies about your pillow.
9) Your coworkers who are parents already laugh at your pain because they've been through it already, so no sympathy there!
10) You take the time to come up with a top 10 list! Happy Monday!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow! I have never been to my doctor's office in the afternoon, and I have never seen so many pregnant women in one spot! It almost seemed like a joke:
"What do you get when you have 4 pregnant women.....?"

I think that this was my fastest appointment yet! Next week, Michael gets to come, and he's pretty excited, because he hasn't been in a while.

Heart rate was 150 beats/minute (again!). That makes it about 3 months in a row. Make your guesses now!

Ok, here's a picture from 15 weeks and 34 weeks just to compare how far along I've come. It's the same shirt, by the way!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, today was the courthouse date where I had to testify against the fraudster that was trying to open the account with fake ID.

To my surprise, unlike TV;
-the courthouse was on the 3rd floor of a regular office building (no big set of steps leading to a columned building)
-the walls were green instead of oak paneling,
-the courthouse officials were going through cases at a fast clip,
-there were cops everywhere, and
-the 'bad guy' wasn't there.

I met with the officer that I gave my statement to, and I watched a few of the proceedings before it was our turn to testify. The police officer went up first and started being questioned by the prosecution, but the prosecutor stopped and requested that I leave so I wouldn't be influenced by the officer's testimony. I got up and waited outside(with an extra waddle in my step!). I was called in a few minutes later, thinking that I would read my statement like a few of the officers did, but the prosecutor asked me some questions that I had to answer from memory. Luckily, I had been reviewing this in my mind for several days(weeks!).

I did have to place the bible and "swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God". There was no giggling or smiling on my part...I was a bit nervous and 20-30 people were watching me! I think that I was up there for 5-10 minutes.

When I was talking to the officer after I left the courtroom, I asked him why the bad guy wasn't there. He explained that the criminal trial already happened, and this trial had to do with the fake ID part. So, it wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be, but I'm relieved at the same time!

All I can say is that I watch way too much 'Law & Order', and other crime TV shows!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey everyone,

Well, the last doctor's appointment was a repeat of the last one. Very routine.

Thursday, Michael and I were caught off guard. He went to play volleyball as usual with his classmates, and we went to the Honest Lawyer afterwards to eat dinner. Just as we were settled in, I noticed that there were balloons where we were seated, but couldn't figure out why. Then Brent wanted to make an announcement...I knew that he was with his girlfriend Kristen for a while, and I thought that he was proposing, but ... They had thrown us a surprise baby shower! We received some clothes, books and was so sweet that they thought of us!

The best part is that we get 22 babysitters! However, no one has signed up so far to take care of the baby the night before their final exams!

This past weekend, we went out with Mat and Shannon to the Detroit Art Gallery. I was pleasantly surprised...I found it better than the National Art Gallery in Ottawa because there were just the right amount of art. It was nice to go with them, because they know Art way better than we do, and can explain things in a way we understand. Afterwards, we went to Greektown for dinner. There was a fabulous pastry shop and like little kids, we ate dessert first, then went to dinner.

I swear that we were served by a bored Mikhail Baryshnikov(the Russian ballet dancer) look-alike, but it was great to have Greek food again.

Sunday, we packed the baby's and my bag for the hospital. Yikes! It's blowing my mind that there's 3.5 weeks to go (give or take 2 weeks!!!)

Anyway, I'm going to bed early. I'm feeling like a beached whale lately and I'm moving around like one. Hope everyone has a restful night!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Middle of February already??? Well, now there's 4.5 weeks to go, and some days it's flying by; other times (like in the middle of the night), it feels like I've always been pregnant.

I've learned a few things this week:
-Diapers are *really* expensive!!! We picked up some that were on sale this week and we were astonished that one of those packs will only last 1 week.
-Babies have their own special laundry detergent.
-Baby gear is reallly cute and designed so parents will spend a lot of money on them!
-Baby gear tends to need a bunch of batteries
-The bigger pregnant women get, the more anxious they are to get the baby out. I'm not as scared of labour as I used to be; I think it's the sleep deprivation I'm going through because I'm getting very uncomfortable.

We assembled our bouncy chair on the weekend (thanks Shell!). It's all set to go and I'm looking forward to using it.

Michael is bugging me to pack my labour bag and baby bag. Essentially, it's the odds and ends that I will use for myself and the baby when we go to the hospital. (I'll spare the boring details) The hospital route is mapped out if we need to go in the middle of the night or during the day.

My memory is *awful* right now! I changed a password at work, and forgot it 4 minutes later! I got it reset, but I felt awfully dumb! Now I'm getting my co-workers to double check a lot of my work just in case I mess something up. Only 3 weeks and 4 days to go for work...I'll make it, because I'm too stubborn to leave early!

Another doctor's appointment tomorrow...for those who still want to guess the sex, the heartrate was still around 150. It's actually pretty consistent.

Have a good Valentine's day!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Football is finally over...yipee!

Michael went for a 'guys weekend' and got to watch the game without me complaining about how boring I find football. What I do know about the Superbowl is that 1 team won, and 1 team lost.

Enough of being a smart-aleck. In Windsor, the temperature is -27C with the windchill. Everyone is *freaking* out because they're not used to this weather. Even the news is talking about hypothermia and ways that you can protect yourself. I only watched it because I thought that it was hilarious and that this is normal for Ottawa (well, maybe not this year). It's like watching about a heatwave that's only 27C.

I like being tough, and I particularly like having 'the belly' to keep me warm. It's like my own portable stove. I still had the fan on last night because I thought that my bedroom was too warm.

My belly is getting bigger, if that's possible. I 'play' with the baby now my rubbing my belly in one spot till I feel it move, then I move my hand to another place. Eating is being more of a challenge, as there's less room. Even drinking water can make me feel stuffed!

There's a Hawaii theme at work on Thursday...think I can get away with wearing a bikini? (Just kidding!!!) I have 5 more weeks of work to go and I'm getting excited! I'm glad that I work with nice people, otherwise I'd want to leave a lot earlier!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The end of January already!

Well, we went to Ottawa on the 26th(my apologies to people who didn't know that we were there for the weekend). Michael went to a job fair and got a few leads at some elementary schools, and I went to a shower that my sister-in-law threw for me the next day. It was super catching up with some ladies that I hadn't seen in almost a year! One of my friends couldn't make it because she was sick, but she was very considerate in that she didn't want me to catch anything. My sister-in-law also made a fabulous cake, as well as chocolate cheesecake and homemade ice cream! That was for starters! I'm hoping that she took a picture of the cake so I can show it off to everyone.

My last doctor's visit last week went well. I'm realizing how tiny my doctor is. I bet she's about 110 pounds. When she helps me sit up, she has to brace herself! I hope that she doesn't throw out her back when helping out all the pregnant ladies!

Today was a bit exciting and out of the ordinary. I was trying to sleep in this morning, and instead had someone knocking on the door at 9:10am. I knew it wasn't Michael, so I threw on the robe and went to the door. To my surprise, I see a police officer!!! He then hands me a summons to appear in court in 3 weeks. Now I'm really confused. What did I do? Who is the name of the defendant on the paper? The officer was really nice, and told me to show up on time, and gave me the number of someone who would give me more information.

Did I mention that the robe fit me properly *before* I was pregnant?
Did I also mention that I had bed head and was totally incoherent?

Anyway, upon further reflection, I realized that it had to do with a person that tried to open an account at my work with fraudulent identification. I had my manager call the police, and they interrogated him in my office for an hour before they took him away in the paddywagon (and yes, it's still called a paddywagon). I had completely forgotten about the incident until today.

Any bets on whether I will go into labour *before* the court date on February 21st?