Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, I'm at week 24 now, which means that I'm about 5.5 months along, if you look at the calendar. We've wrapped up our prenatal classes too. I can't believe that it was 5 weeks long, and now it's over. Am I even going to remember all the instructions that they've given to us?

Baby's getting more active now. Michael could feel the baby a little bit last night, but not all the kicks are strong enough yet to feel on the outside. It tends to be more active at night than during the day. My next doctor's appointment is next week, so I'm excited to hear the heartbeat again.

Weather wise, it's been really foggy in Windsor for some's kind of mysterious, like a Stephen King novel or a mystery book. I'm still getting used to the radio stations here. One of them has been playing non-stop Christmas music for the last 3 weeks. I think I would enjoy it more if it looked Christmasy outside, but alas! There's no snow here!

We went out this week to a Faculty of Education pub. I ordered a (virgin!) Caesar, and waited for someone to attempt to lecture me, but I think that everyone presumed that I was behaving myself. I even danced for a little bit, but I felt self-conscious until I was told that I was a 'cool mom'. I did meet some nice people, though.

By the way, 'Casino Royale' was an enjoyable movie! I didn't think at first that Daniel Craig would fit into the Bond role, but he did a really good job. There's no gadgets, and no silly puns, and I think that helped in improving the movie.

31 more days till Christmas! Are you ready?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok, a photo update...from left to right, here's me at 15 weeks, 18 weeks, and 22 weeks. And yes, this is the same shirt! At this point in time, I'm wondering if it's going to fit me up until the end!

Did you know....?

-Newborns (0-3 months) will cry on average of 3 hours a day? That's 270 hours, or over 11 days straight of crying!!!
-Babies cry more during the first 3 months of their life than they will the rest of their entire life!

Our prenatal class was more fun this week. We had little newborn dolls to greet us when we came in, and we were learning to put on a diaper, bathe it and dress it. We got a boy doll (is that a sign?).

In any case, the nurse told us to put on a diaper without her giving instructions. Michael put it on, and I told him to make sure he didn't cover the bellybutton, since the imaginary umbilical cord was attached. When the nurse came around, she was impressed by our skills. She also complimented the couple next to us, but I think that they overheard what I said! :)

As we covered swaddling, bathing and changing diapers, Michael hijacked the baby and did all of it himself! I did manage to put a hat on when he was occupied by fastening the buttons on an outfit. I even got a compliment from one of the other moms-to-be at how good he was at it!

We also learned about car seats, which is required by law. Those things are pretty complicated! I think that we're going to go to a workshop early next year which the police host so we're assured that the baby's fastened up properly.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today I had my second ultrasound, and the technician did a through examination and measured all the babies parts. She also found out the sex of the baby....But I asked her not to tell me! We got to see the heart again; it was much more defined and the heartbeat was 153 beats/minute. At one point, we got to look at the baby's face, and you could see the details pretty well. The eyes were closed and it was swallowing the amniotic fluid. I got to see inside it's stomach, and you could see that it was pretty full!

I also got to see what the baby's face looks like. You could clearly see the eyelids, nose and mouth, which was amazing. I guess that's the advantage of waiting this long.

The baby was pretty active as well and was grabbing its foot with it's right arm and was holding on for a while. Baby also had its arms up by its face again and was also making it harder for us to get a good shot of the face.

She was also measuring the circumference of the head and tummy. The tummy measured at 21.5 weeks, which is what I am, but the head measures at 22.5 weeks!!! Ouchie! Michael couldn't stop laughing because he has a big head too.

Anyway, it was very reassuring to see all the movements, which I'm starting to feel a little bit...Just a tap here and there. I really have to concentrate in order to feel it.

I can't believe that the baby started from something the size of a speck! We have just over 4 months to go before our big day, and its coming up fast. My coworkers are speculating that it's a boy now, but we'll just have to wait and see!!!

My next doctor's appointment is in 3 weeks, so the only thing that I anticipate happening between now and then will be Michael being able to feel the baby kicking.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, we went to our first OB(baby doctor) appointment yesterday. I did end up getting a woman (yay!). Once I met her, I felt really relaxed because she is very easy to talk to and she is genuinely happy about her job. She also looks really young, but that doesn't bother me at all. If she wasn't wearing her labcoat, I would have mistaken her for a student!

Anyway, she took a Doppler (like an electronic stethoscope), and we could hear the baby's heartbeat. It was 141 beats per minute(which is a good number), and it made the same 'woosh woosh' sound that you hear on TV shows. Also, when the doctor put the Doppler and found the heart, we heard it for a few seconds, and then the little bugger moved over 3 inches to the side! And I thought that they didn't move around that much.

I *think* I'm feeling flutters and *maybe* a poke or 2, but I can't say for sure that it's the baby. At least, there's nothing for me to say OUCH about....yet...

I should be getting an ultrasound in the next few weeks, and we should have better pictures...although we are still waiting to find out if it's a boy or girl. I have been told that it's a boy from my coworkers because: the heartbeat is slower, and that I'm carrying the baby in front and up high.

It's amazing all the theories that come out, not to mention horror stories! It's not bothering me right now, but that doesn't mean that I'm inviting anyone to try to out-scare me!

We also went to our prenatal class where they were talking about pain management and options, along with breech births(where the baby comes out bum first or feet first), as well as C-sections.
We also practiced breathing again, which was pretty much the same as the last time, and pretty relaxing.

Now, I'm not a graceful person to begin with, but I'm even worse now! I'm also getting slower, which isn't bothering me too much yet, but Michael swears it takes me 5 minutes to get up from the couch!