Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well, the departure date for Jillian and myself will be April 25th; so after making the family and friend rounds, I will probably make my next post in early May. Should also have a ton more pictures!

Just wanted to keep you updated!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Someone loves her Daddy!
This is a real smile; Michael managed to make her smile 4 times in a row! I can't believe the progress that she's making! As of tomorrow, she'll be 7 weeks old.
Michael's last day of class is tomorrow, then exams on Monday, then ALL DONE!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy birthday Mom!
Cute milestone (early!) this morning; Jillian was lying on me, and was able to raise her head and look at me in the eye for a while! It was an insane hour in the morning, but worth it! She's also starting to bat at the toys in her bouncy chair and her coordination is getting better. She especially likes looking at the orange kitty on her chair; she could look at it for ages on end! She also unofficially weighs 11.5 pounds: I weighed myself, then her, then calculated the difference.
Today also marks the last week in Windsor for the family. Michael's wrapping up his last classes and a few exams and then he'll be done! We're looking forward to going, but we've met some really great, down to earth people here. Windsor has a small town feeling, but you can still get to the 'city' (and some great shopping) across the river. If Windsor and Ottawa were a lot closer, I think that we would have stayed here. A 9 hour minimum drive is just too much for us though.
*sniff* Saying goodbye sucks.

On a lighter note, I am really getting to know late night TV. The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson is really funny- better than Letterman, but I think some of it has to do with his Scottish accent! Also managed to watch "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights". Patrick Swayze also makes an appearance as a dance instructor, but he has a smaller role than the last one. It was decent enough to watch at 3am!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Pictures!

I added another 23 pictures to my yahoo account.

Pick Jillian at the bottom.
Miss Cranky-Pants
Why can I get sleeping pics and hungry/gassy/tired pics, but no smiley ones? I think that picture was taken the night she fell asleep after 3am...long night, but she slept for 6 hours straight!
Anyway, she is lying on me right now and is content (baby definition: fed, dry diaper and sleeping). I'm a little sad because she officially outgrew her newborn sleeper. When we first put it on her 6 weeks ago, she was *swimming* in it. Michael was shocked that she could out grow something that fast. I think he said, "We'd better have at least 3 kids to make this cost-effective!" (Slow down, mister!). So, I'm officially thanking the people that said, "Don't buy newborn things! She'll grow out of it!".
Packing is going...slowly! In fact, I should be doing that instead of hanging out on the computer.
I found a new addiction: . If you are prepared to go on there for hours at a time, then go ahead. Otherwise, enter at your own risk! The first night I signed up, I was up till 5:30am!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yes, it's currently 2:42am...

I was waiting for Miss Jillian to wake up to feed her, but she's fast asleep...

I want her asleep, she stays awake...
I try to keep her awake when she eats, and she falls asleep...
I try to put her in her crib when she sleeps, and she wakes up...
I put her on the couch with the lights and TV on, and she stays asleep...


But she's so darn *cute* when she's sleeping!

Betcha $5 that once I lie down, she'll wake up and want some food!

Michael has classes this week, so he's able to help out more... woo hoo! We're starting to pack up to move back to painful! Yeah, I'm just delaying the inevitable packing(April). And unpacking(In May). And repacking (In August). And re-unpacking(In September). I am making a pledge *not* to move for at least 2 years once we have found our place in September. It's funny how much you can accumulate, especially when you try to get in back into the packing boxes!

Do you think that I can get away with borrowing my mom's clothes this summer and only wearing sandals? Hmmm...

I get to relive pregnancy again through my friends; 2 are due in June, 1 around September/October, and 1 special person in December!!! Hee hee! It's absolutely *raining* babies this year!

Jillian is growing in leaps and bounds and is starting to make sounds like "ah!". She was grabbing my hair yesterday, and is getting better at lifting her head up, but if I'm not careful, her head will drop against my ribcage, and she'll get *mad*. She's still not crazy about lying on her tummy, but she is enjoying her baths more and more each time. Tonight, she was splashing the water with her arms and legs and trying to suck on the washcloth when we were washing her face!

Our friends Mat & Shannon came by yesterday and they brought Thai food...thank you so much, you two! Jillian was very well behaved to the point that Michael thought that Shannon would leave with Jillian if we gave her the chance! ;) Jillian seems to be a social person at this point in time, as she's very calm during her alert periods and loves looking at new people. Sometimes I feel that if I blink, then I'll miss something new with her.

In any case, time to get some sleep! Is it 3am already?

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jillian and her Grandpa
Happy Monday!!
Has it really been a month already? My mom says that she can tell that Jillian's gotten bigger in the last 10 days. She's got these cute little dimples on the back of her knuckles on her hands and I swear that even her fingers have gotten bigger! Her tear ducts are starting to work a bit too, so when she cries, she has these teeny tiny tears which can really break your heart!
I ended up taking a lot of pictures this weekend as both my parents came over; so when I get some free time, I'll be able to post some more up. Speaking of which, Jillian spent very little time lying down this weekend! Between my parents and Michael, all I ended up doing was feeding her, and giving her to the closest person when I was finished. It was funny watching my dad and Michael trying to hold her the most; when one was holding her, the other one was dancing around, waiting for his chance to swoop in and take her next. It was really hilarious.
Her eyes are open more and more, so it's great seeing her make that contact with you. Michael fed her yesterday and he loved the fact that she was totally focused on him while she was eating. The only thing that she doesn't seem to like right now is 'tummy time'. I'll put her on her tummy, and she'll be fine for about ...oh... 1 minute, then she'll start to yell at me to pick her up or turn her over! I swear that if her arms were as strong as her legs, she'd be crawling already!!!
By the way Jen, I did read your blog! When is your next update?
I love Jen because she will say *exactly* what is on her mind and get away with it!