Sunday, November 06, 2011

Apple Zombie

...or Apple vampire?

Anyway, long story short, the whole family is hooked on the iPad, including the kids. Let's just say that I think that the crayons are obsolete now....but...the funniest part was Susan. She would draw a line with her finger (lets say in blue), then she would look at her index finger in amazement to see where the blue ink came from. She did it a few times, and it was hilarious every time. I'll be sorry when she takes it for granted though. It's too cute.

Speaking of vampires, we went trick-or-treating last week and the kids were really good! We went to 3 streets and we only stopped because I was tired of carrying Susan up the stairs of all the houses. Jillian had her routine all set; ring bell, say "trick or treat", then "merci". We are in a bilingual neighbourhood after all! I hope the neighbours appreciated it.

I was saddened to learn that Popeye cigarettes are now Popeye's candy sticks-they even removed the red tip! I don't think that they influenced me much though...I still think cigarettes are gross. But the candy version...yummers!

The unpacking is almost done- we have a living room now! We've all settled in pretty well to the new place, including the girls. It still feels weird having neighbours again after spending so much time in the country. The guy down the street has his Christmas decorations out already! I think I'll settle for an indoor tree myself.