Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tick, tick, tick...

No, it's not the biological clock, it's the countdown to me returning to work. Yikes!

To be fair, I didn't cry when I dropped her off at the sitter's last week. When I returned to pick her up in the afternoon (6 hours later), I was wondering:
Would she be crying?
Would she be excited to see me?
Did she miss me?
Would I get a speeding ticket for going 10-20km over the speed limit?

Well, when the sitter opened the door, Jillian was ready to have her bottle. She didn't even look at me!!! Just staring at the bottle with her mouth WIDE open. After she was satisfied, she looked at me as if to say, "Oh, you're here?"

Geez. At least she was happy, right?

Things are good here. She's finishing up her 2nd cold since Christmas(never have I seen so much snot come out of a little person!), and a round of ezcema (dry skin condition-not contagious, just itchy).

What's she up to now:
-Sometimes comes when called. I have to sound really excited when I call her or she's not that interested. I also make her crawl everywhere-it saves my back! I just have to keep her on track, otherwise she'll wander in the bathroom or office.

-Regularly able to stand up for 5 seconds or so without support. It's so cute.
Let go, wobble, hang on, repeat.

-Will get into visual range when she hears, "Where's Jillian?". Michael figured that one out. Very funny to watch, as she can literally go crazy trying to race where you can see her!

-Dances (bobs, really), when she hears music.

Now she can also place her rubber duckie's head in her mouth(sans beak), and gnaw on that for most of her bath. She enjoys it and it keeps her busy. She's very interested in the water faucet, as well as when we drain the water; she'll stick her hand in the hole until it's all gone. I think she likes the sensation of the water flowing over her hand.

No teeth!!! She hasn't really cried in a week about her gums either.

Have I mentioned how much I love snow tires? A few weeks ago when it was super slippery, I would have slid in a ditch if it hadn't been for them! It's mandatory in Quebec anyway, but we've got a killer driveway to get out slopes *up*, and we're on a highway, so we have to really move it once we hit the road.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hope that everyone had a good weekend!

Jillian's started to babble even more and has finally incorporated the 'd' sound into her vocabulary. She was taking a bath and Michael left to do some work. As soon as he walked out, she started talking and it sounded like she made a da-da-da sound, reminding me of when she would say 'mum'. (I know she hasn't made the connection yet!). Anyway, I shouted to Michael and he came running back, and she made more da-da-da sounds. Very cool!

She's also started eating chunkier foods. At first, she used to gag on it because she was used to the pureed foods, but she's learing quickly to chew/gum her food before swallowing. She can also eat pieces of grapes, and even tried an apple, but
I gave her a piece that was too big and she threw up...ick!

She's getting better and better with standing up on her own, and we have to watch her all-the-time. Her favourite thing to play with at the moment is the hallway socket. Crawl, crawl, crawl, reach out for the holes-AAAHHHHH! Geez, that freaks me out to no end. At least they're covered now, but that doesn't mean I endorse her playing with it.

She went to her cousin's (technically 3rd cousin) 1st birthday party today. It was insane! When she was opening her presents, the cameras were going off, and there were people all around. She(not Jillian), started to get upset, because she wasn't used to it, but after everyone eased off a bit, she had more fun. Is this what celebrities go through? I remember when I was a kid that I wanted to be a celebrity, but now they get so personal.

It's also reminding me that Jillian's birthday is 7 weeks away. Seriously. She has tons of toys already. Do you think that I can get away with just a small get-together, some potluck and cake, but no presents for her? I know it sounds horribly Scrooge-ish, but my house looks like a daycare centre!!!

No teeth. She woke up screaming a couple of nights ago, and calmed down after I put the Orajel/Ambesol on her gums, and that's it so far. If all her teeth come out at the same time, I'm going to be freaked out. It'll be like she's wearing baby dentures or something!

Speaking of the little bugger, she's awake right now after we thought we had her in bed for the night. It just means that she had a 2 hour nap and can gogogo till...what, 1, 2am? She's playing with her musical table and dancing along, happy as a clam. Well, she did have 2 big naps in the car, so that didn't help too much. Arg. Well, that means an *early* wake up call for her in the morning. We're both going to be soooo grumpy in the morning! Michael has to work in the morning, so I'm being nice and letting him sleep. He has to deal with 16 kids, so I guess it's an even tradeoff!

Oh yeah, with this musical table(in English and Spanish), she's learned that if she moves one of the pieces, it'll play the Alphabet song. She'll play the whole song, before turning it again. If she hits another button by accident, she'll move that piece again to listen to the Alphabet song again. Very cool. I do have to switch it between English and Spanish so I don't get sick of the same voice. And I can say that Michael and I are getting good with our Spanish alphabet! Although Michael did think that the spanish version had oh-ka-ka. He asked why they would talk about poo. I had to explain that it was ho-ta-ka (the letters j-k). It took him a few tries, and he eventually got it.

Anyway, I guess it's time to pop another movie in to try to stay awake!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, this marks the 10-month milestone for my baby. Even since my last post, she's started to:
-stand up and let go briefly in order to see if she stand on her own
-press a button on her toy and bob to the music. It's so cute to see her little bum move like that-she's a Trini, all right!
-talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk
-I think that when she puts her hands together and moves them up and down, it means that she's gone in her diaper. I just caught on today, so I have to test this theory out.
-Eating more food and drinking (real) juice (it's watered down!) on a regular basis. Makes the diapers...ugh...I don't even want to describe them now. It looks like she jumped in a pool then asked us to change it. Bleaugh!
-getting better at holding her bottle, but she has to be motivated, and I can't
make her try it.
-still working on the sippy cup, but it may have to do more with her not wanting to drink the water, but something more interesting.
-a crawling machine! When she sees something that interests her, she'll go as fast as she can, and heaven help the poor toy that's in her path-she runs them right over! She's also not scared of the dark, as she'll wander in other rooms even if the lights are off

Ok, enough bragging for now...I have another 362 days left this year!

She's almost over her cold, but her poor nose is raw from all that phlegm that we have to wipe off. She has, however, enjoyed having her Daddy at home for the last 2 weeks. I know we're both going to miss him during the day once he returns to work on Monday. However, she has a LOT of toys to keep her busy! Luckily, the music they make don't really bother me, and she'll change it up so I won't hear the same thing all day.

I wore nylons the other day for the first time in ages. Sure, I liked the way my legs looked, but getting them on is such a pain! It's really no surprise why I like to wear pants at work!

Speaking of work, 8 more weeks till I get back into the swing of things. Hopefully, the worst of the winter will be over by then! (yeah, yeah, I like to be a Pollyanna and try to find the silver lining!)

Enjoy the last holiday weekend!