Friday, August 29, 2008

Ah, the Friday before the long weekend!

Michael's back at school after having the summer off(and yes, I was jealous!), and Jillian's back on her 'school schedule' with the sitter. It took her a couple of weeks to adjust, but she's no longer giving me guilt trips when I leave(ie. crying). Phew! She's also eating from a fork now, but she needs some help from us to actually spear the food. She's got these little cute forks just her size too. No sign of being left or right handed; she can get the food in her mouth with either hand.

Her sitter noticed that her ears aren't pierced, and offered to get them pierced for us(in case I didn't want to see her in pain), but I explained to her that we're going to wait until she asks for it. Her older cousin was 3 when she asked, and I know of many other babies that have it done already, but I guess deep down, "I'm" not ready.

She slept through the night 2 nights in a row...then woke us up again in the middle of the night. I feel like we're sooo close! However, she's on water only at night, (we don't want any teeth issues). She's fine with the sippy cup, but has an annoying habit of flinging her cup on the floor when she doesn't want any more to drink. At least she'll eat whatever we're eating at dinner, bu heaven forbid that we keep her waiting too long to eat!

Baby #2 is doing swimmingly; I keep thinking that I "may" have felt some flutters or kicks this week, but I can't say for sure...I'm 17 weeks and 5 days now, so it could be any day now. Right now, it can fit in the palm of my hand, head to bum.

It still blows my mind that we're doing this again; it's just so amazing what a miracle this is.

Oh, before I go, a little piece of advice for you:
If a woman tells you that they're pregnant, PLEASE don't say:
"Wow! You're SO big!!!" or,
"Are you having twins/triplets?"

This makes us grit our teeth and want to ask you how much YOU weigh, and when YOU'RE due-regardless of if you're a male or female.

Please tell us, "You look great!", and look like you mean it. Please. Sometimes we feel like circus freaks, don't remind us that we are.

Thank you.

Have a great long weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wow! How super-lax have I been for not putting any posts up in 2 months. I do apologize.

But for those not in the know, I am now 4 months pregnant, and the estimated due date is Feb 1st! To the initiated, I'm 16 weeks and 6 days.

What's funny is that you can walk up to an expectant mom and ask them how far along they are and they can tell you *exactly* how far along they are, myself included.

If you ask me what I did 10 minutes ago, that's another story!

Jillian has grown like a weed over the summer. 8 teeth now, and although we'd love to see if any molars are coming in, she tries to bite our fingers if we check out her gums! Her walking is great now, and doesn't fall down as often as she used to, but has acquired the habit of climbing the stairs when we aren't looking. Thank goodness for baby gates. It's not the climbing I'm concerned about, but the descent.

Michael was with her in the house a couple of weeks ago when I got a phone call at work. He sounded awful. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "Your child climbed the stairs all by herself and I found her in her room crying because she didn't see me." He called the next day to say that "Your child climbed on a big box and scared me half to death!"

Don't worry, I laughed like mad and reminded him that it was 'our' child, even though I had to carry our precious cargo for 38 weeks (see! You remember that sort of random trivia!)

Now, as for #2 (I don't have a cute nickname like some of our friends, but instead it has gained the nickame of a bowel movement...ewww!)

Anyway, #2 is doing quite well. The first ultrasound had it bopping around, which was different from Jillian's, since she deigned to give us a kick to acknowledge us.

We had the second ultrasound last week because they found a cyst on my ovary on the first ultrasound. Picture a water filled balloon, but a lot smaller. A vast majority of these cases are nothing to worry about, and this proved to be the case.

But the good thing was that we got to see #2 again. This time it was also jumping and jiving around. The nurse tried to take a look to see if it was a boy or girl, but no luck this time. Next month we have one more chance to see if it's a boy or girl.

So to answer any pre-emptive questions:
-No, it's not twins or triplets
-Yes, we're going to find out if it's a boy or girl
-I think we're having a boy, Michael thinks it's going to be another girl
-Yes, we were planning on having them a couple of years apart
-No, Jillian has no idea what's going on, but she does like to play with my bellybutton.
-Yes, we are excited!
-No, we don't know if we will have #3; I'm just enjoying the moment right now.

We're planning on having the baby in Ontario as:
1. Our house is 30km away from the nearest hospital(which doesn't normally deliver babies), and my mom's house is 10 km away from the nearest hospital (which does deliver babies). Jillian came fast, and I don't want to take a chance in the winter.
2. My doctor & OB are in Ontario, as it's difficult to get a new doctor these days
3. I want to.

This pregnancy is different than my first one as:
-I've experienced morning sickness during the first 3 months(and I feel SO sorry for the women that have it ALL 9 months)
-I'm more tired than before, partly due to my commute (2+ hours instead of 30 minutes, tops), and chasing a toddler. I'm happy that Jillian's not a demanding child, though.
-I'm more emotional than before. I don't cry at the drop of a hat, but for example, listening to a song set me off last night, but it wasn't a mushy one.

To finish this post on a high note, what makes me laugh the most right now are people (mostly women), who yell at me if I lift anything heaver than a pack of paper. I know I shouldn't lift anything heavy, but I carry a 22 pound toddler around! This gets me yelled at again or rolled eyes. I also got yelled at for standing on a high stool, but I was bored that day.

Thank you for caring for me, though. I do appreciate it.