Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to Work

Well, I've now finished 2 weeks of work. I remember crying at leaving Jillian behind; I felt like I was abandoning her. It didn't help that she was in tears at the sitters. This time, it's been really good. I usually leave before the girls wake up, and I get to see their smiles when I get home, which is great.

The girls don't seem to be too fazed at the new arrangement. I think the greatest change is with Michael since it wasn't often that he would be at home all day with the girls by himself! I enjoy that he's really getting to know the girls in-depth, the kind that happens when they're stuck like glue to you all day!

Susan's fine with the bottle during the day arrangement. I'm still there for her last 2 feedings, so I can get her to sleep no problem.

Jillian gets to play with Michael a lot now, which she loves-I know he's the more 'fun' parent for playing games for a long period of time. In particular, she enjoys the playground at the local elementary school, which he tries to get her to every day if the weather is good.

My work has been awesome with letting me pump milk. I tried it in the bathroom the first day but:
A) it was very awkward trying to relax when sitting on a toilet, and having your co-worker make musical sounds the next stall over...bleaugh!
B) 'sanitary' & 'toilet' do not belong in the same sentence.

So I am able to go into a (female!) co-worker's office with a dividing screen, and get my business done. My boss says it's the first time in 23 years as a manager that he's ever been asked for this particular request.

Things I'm excited about at my new work:
-nice boss
-nice co-workers
-great hours (and flexible too!)
-photo id pass that says, 'hey, I belong here'(you can stop laughing at me now!). Plus my picture isn't too bad either! I just look short in it, that's all. Imagine my head at the bottom of the picture, and a *lot* of background in the top half of the picture.