Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time is going by faster and faster.

Well, I survived a very mild case of Croup. The only time I heard about it was reading "Anne of Green Gables", and Anne was up all night giving the baby medicine, and someone else boiling a lot of water. It's been a bit of a blur since her sleeping schedule was off, and she seemed to revert back to a newborn (didn't want to crawl, awake at all hours, back to breastmilk and formula). She seems to have recovered, thank goodness. Croup is a kind of cold/virus, where you cough and it sounds like you're barking, lots of phlegm (yummy!), and listlessness.

She did however, sneeze (wetly!) over an assortment of gum and chocolate bars at Pearson airport before I could turn her away. oops.

Why were we at the airport? I was testifying at a trial in Windsor.
Bad Guy + Fake ID + Police = 2 Trials, one in February, one on November 15th.

This time he had an attorney...arg. Ok, I'll say that I didn't like her at all, and leave it at that. Hope he pays through the nose for her services, though! It would serve him right. Well, so does jail time! I was going to go to Detroit with Jillian, but I was so jittery after testifying for 1.5 hours, I *knew* the border guards would search me, because they would think that I was trying to hide something. Really, I was just tired of answering questions. I finished the night at the hotel watching "Cable TV" and de-stressing.

In any case, I brought her along. People were super nice at the airport, but I noticed that when I got on the plane, there was the same look on everyone's face:
"Please, PLEASE, don't let that baby sit next to me!!!"
Picture a horrified, scared expression, like they're about to get a really bad tax audit. A nice man even switched seats so I had a spare seat next to me. Really, though, he had the same expression as the others, and moved as soon as he could. I was starting to think I smelled bad or something!

I managed to get from gate to gate pretty easily. Picture this:
-carrying 20lb baby in a Snugli. For those who aren't sure of the weight, picture carrying 2 10 pound potato bags.
-purse/diaper bag on left shoulder with essentials
-baby food on backpack with wheels.

What I can't figure out is what the heck I used to carry when I would fly alone. Because whatever it was, I'm sure as heck not carrying it now and managing without it!

I even met my Economics prof from Carleton U, and he helped me get a discount on my car rental! I knew that he looked familiar, but I really hate saying, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" It sounds like such a pick-up line.

My fabulous coworker Colleen watched Jillian while I was in court, so I knew that I didn't have to worry about her. We also caught up with some coworkers; it felt like old times, and I was sad to leave Windsor again, but was happy to get home and see Michael.

Did I mention that I bought her first pair of shoes? Pink (of course)velcro shoes. I felt like a bad mom because my kid was wearing only socks; never mind that she can't walk yet! Well, if that's the worst thing to worry about, then my life is charmed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My daughter thinks she's an owl. She's spent the last week hooting when she's playing with her toys, looking at us, or any other time she feels like it.

I've also seen her open and close her fists when she's hungry; it looks like sign language for 'milk', but then she also holds her mouth open and looks at you with sad eyes..."Mommy, I am soooo hungry!!!". If she's really hungry, I try not to say milk until I have the bottle in my hands, or she'll go nuts until I give it to her!

Poor girl's been sick this week. We had a hectic weekend last week, and were on the go for 4 days straight, so she picked up something along the way. It's the second time that she's been sick ever, so when she cried, she had a confused look because she didn't understand why she wasn't feeling well. Thank goodness I had some Tempra here, as it helped with her raised temperature. Her sleep patterns were also mixed up too, and Friday night, she was up every couple of hours. Rough! Last night was better, so I hope it's back to normal soon.

I'm still on tooth alert-no signs yet, and she's still gumming stuff like crazy, pulls her ears, etc, but I can't feel anything in her mouth. I've started 'brushing' her gums, and even bought 2 different toothbrushes, but she seems to like it when I put her (baby) toothpaste on a (baby) facecloth and rub her gums with it, but it's really the taste she likes. Not to worry, I will let you know when the first one makes its appearance.