Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Had my *fourth* ultrasound today...this one was to look at baby girl's face (to make sure she's not ugly???), and get a better look at her heart, not to mention my cyst on my ovary.

Anyway, I had the same technician again, so we've already had the 'get to know you' out of the way. I found it a lot easier to talk to her the more time I spent with her. Baby girl was moving around a lot(I ate fruits, but no sugar today). I couldn't believe what a difference a few weeks make! I got to see her sucking her thumb and yawn...very baby things to do. Aw! It really makes me look forward to seeing her next year! Her face was fine (no cleft palate/harelip), and her heart's ventricles were doing what they were supposed to do.

My cyst appears to be the same size, about 5cm diameter. This can be normal for women that are pregnant, but the doctor wants to keep an eye on it in case it grows further and needs to be removed. Hopefully I can get a final verdict next week. Best situation: We don't have to do anything and it will go away on it's own.
Worst situation: No sense in borrowing trouble, right? It's less than 8cm diameter, so I'm not going to fret about those possibilities just yet.

I also get to go for a sugar test in 2 weeks. This means I get to show up at the testing place at 7am(having fasted and drinking only water in the AM), drink the equivalent of Orange Crush, then hanging out for an hour or so for them to test my blood to see if I've got gestational diabetes. Not the most amusing way to pass my morning. The last time I was pregnant, I had a borderline result, so they sent me back for a longer(hungrier!) test. I passed that one(thank goodness).

Part of having to go for these tests and doctor's appointments makes me wish that I could just ignore that whole rigmarole and just show up at the hospital ready to push! But I'm a 'by the rules' kinda gal. *sigh*

Looked at the CHEO dream house last weekend. This is a lotto/fundraiser for the Children's Hospital and the grand prize is a MASSIVE house fully furnished +++, plus a bunch of other prizes. Anyway, Michael wasn't too keen on going, but he knows how much I love looking at houses. He only planned to be there for as little time as possible, but once he saw the basement(man cave), he stayed down there for at least 15 minutes! Jillian pulled an 'Al Bundy' on the couch. If you've watched 'Married with Children', you'll understand the classic pose of Al on the couch watching TV with one hand down his pants. And I forgot the camera!

Jillian got over her cold. I guess it was related to her vaccination, but she was an unhappy camper for a week. Sleepless nights didn't help either until I got some cough and cold medicine into her. Her recovery was nothing short of miraculous (not to mention mom and dad regained their sanity!).

She's talkative when she chooses to be. When I get home, she'll run up to me and immediately try to climb my legs, and when I try to get her to say 'up', she ignores me and still keeps on climbing. I know she'll get there, and I'll reminisce about the days when she didn't say anything...hee hee.
Not too interested in the potty at the moment, but I don't want to force her into that yet either. I figure that I can go full force when I'm at home full-time again.

Speaking of maternity leave, I'm looking forward to some good sleep-ins until the baby arrives, then it's back to sleepless central. Maybe she'll want to sleep through the night? Judging from the fact that it's 10pm and she's jumping around in my tummy right now, I think I'm dreaming.