Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The end of January already!

Well, we went to Ottawa on the 26th(my apologies to people who didn't know that we were there for the weekend). Michael went to a job fair and got a few leads at some elementary schools, and I went to a shower that my sister-in-law threw for me the next day. It was super catching up with some ladies that I hadn't seen in almost a year! One of my friends couldn't make it because she was sick, but she was very considerate in that she didn't want me to catch anything. My sister-in-law also made a fabulous cake, as well as chocolate cheesecake and homemade ice cream! That was for starters! I'm hoping that she took a picture of the cake so I can show it off to everyone.

My last doctor's visit last week went well. I'm realizing how tiny my doctor is. I bet she's about 110 pounds. When she helps me sit up, she has to brace herself! I hope that she doesn't throw out her back when helping out all the pregnant ladies!

Today was a bit exciting and out of the ordinary. I was trying to sleep in this morning, and instead had someone knocking on the door at 9:10am. I knew it wasn't Michael, so I threw on the robe and went to the door. To my surprise, I see a police officer!!! He then hands me a summons to appear in court in 3 weeks. Now I'm really confused. What did I do? Who is the name of the defendant on the paper? The officer was really nice, and told me to show up on time, and gave me the number of someone who would give me more information.

Did I mention that the robe fit me properly *before* I was pregnant?
Did I also mention that I had bed head and was totally incoherent?

Anyway, upon further reflection, I realized that it had to do with a person that tried to open an account at my work with fraudulent identification. I had my manager call the police, and they interrogated him in my office for an hour before they took him away in the paddywagon (and yes, it's still called a paddywagon). I had completely forgotten about the incident until today.

Any bets on whether I will go into labour *before* the court date on February 21st?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another successful doctor's visit! Now I have to go every 2 weeks, which isn't too bad I guess. That means that we can hear the baby's heartbeat more often. Michael was able to come to this appointment too, so he was pretty excited!

The doc asked us if we knew if it was a boy or girl and we said that we didn't know. She commented that the heartrate was about 138 beats/minute, which means that it's likely to be a boy...and then the heartrate shot up to 150 beats/minute (which can indicate girl). The last few times it was around 150, so I guess the little gaffer is going to keep us guessing until the end!

There's not much time left for Michael's school. There's just over 3.5 months left to go. He was 2nd highest in his class of 70 students for one exam he did over the holidays, and got 89% in the other class. Right now he's back at the university working on assignments and projects, which can be time consuming, but he's chugging right along, making sure that it's done right.

Also, in his music class, he needs to play the recorder. It looks like a clarinet, but easier to play. Here's a picture of him practicing with his buddy Mat. They did get better after they had practiced for an hour. And for those with a keen eye, yes, those are 3 bottles of whiskey on the table, but they had some *after* they had finished practicing!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start!

We went to Casino Windsor to ring in the new year...we hadn't been before, there was free parking downtown, and it's the only time of year that they acknowledge the time. (There's no windows or clocks in any casino, so gamblers can't keep track of time, and they'll gamble more.)

It was super-packed, so we had to line up to get drinks. I decided to get some 7Up, and it was hilarious watching the people in the casino look at my belly, then at my drink, then at my belly again. "Is she?" "Isn't she?". I thought that someone would try to lecture me, but they ended up turning back to their slot machines, card tables, etc. One lady did come up and tell me that I looked terrific. Very sweet!

Anyway, I did try my luck at the slot machines...and I had none. We went back to the main foyer for the countdown and they were passing out free bubbly grape juice. Here's our picture at 11:58:30pm. I think we'll look a lot more tired next new year's eve!

I was on my message boards with other women that are having their babies in March, and one of them delivered early! (31 weeks, 2 days). It was touching and I was sniffling, but luckily, everything is going well with mom and tot. You can view their blog at: