Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I want her to SLEEP!!!

For the 3rd night in a row, Jillian refuses to go to sleep on time...
Sunday night: 1am, after multiple attempts
Monday night: midnight, after ??? attempts
Tuesday night: 11:43pm and she's still kicking. We left Michael's Grandfather's house at 7:35pm, and we got home about 1 hour and 20 minutes later, so she fell asleep and woke up a couple of times. What was remarkable about the trip is that it *should* have taken 20-30 minutes, but there was a roadblock because of an accident, so we had a detour. So we get to the other detour and try to go past it to get to our house. Unfortunately, the location of the accident meant that we had to go *back* through the detour and then get to our house. I shouldn't complain, though:


Ugh. Please, PLEASE don't rush home if you don't have to! You can get there 10 minutes later or not at all.

Ok, it's 11:56 and she finally fell asleep. She's so adorable when she's sleeping...it makes me want to wake her up!

Yeah, weird, but I managed to curb that impulse since she was 2 months old. The aftermath is horrid!

Did I mention that her poopy diapers are getting worse? 3 times she pooped and it got smellier and stinkier every time I changed it. The worst part? I fed her *prunes* today for the first time, so I'm in for a treat just in time for Halloween. Well, it's really more of a trick, because that's not chocolate in her Pampers!

Her eighth month is coming up-wow! She can:
-sit well
-roll and scoot backwards until she is playing with the carpet-I swear it's her favourite toy
-stand well with assistance
-bang stuff with her arms
-scratch her mommy and daddy to bits, because she secretly knows that she can get away with it
-eat fruits and veggies and beef
-turn the lights on and off in her room. There's a chain hanging from the ceiling fan, and as long as I hold her up pretty still, she'll reach for the cord(slowly), and pull it until the lights go on and off. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to replace the lightbulbs on it sooner rather than later!

It should be interesting to see where the next month will lead us!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is her 7 month picture. LOVE IT!
I have a rolling dervish...

Over the last week, Jillian has learned that she can roll over and over, and today I could tell that she has mastered the art of pivoting, and that she really, really likes the orange carpet in the living room.

Yesterday, I had her on a blanket so she could roll back and forth while I cooked supper(wow! I made supper!!!). Anyway, I went back to check on her and she had rolled to the window. The next time I checked on her, she was under the coffee table! Mind you, she was terribly proud of herself. Usually, I can give her a toy to play with and she'll stay in one place, but it looks like it's something that just won't happen anymore. When giving her her bath tonight, she was determined to crawl out of it, then settled for eating the rim of her bathtub.

She's also developed this habit of rolling round and round in her crib, and falling asleep either sideways, or under her comforter with her feet sticking out, just like the Wicked Witch of the East in "The Wizard of Oz".

I just find it shocking that she's made this quest to actively explore her world. It's like she finally figured out that:
rolling on her back and front + creeping + pushing up with her arms = an interesting afternoon.

Food-wise, she's comfortable with veggies, and is in the process of trying different types of fruit. Apples, mango, kiwi, peaches, and I probably forgot a few. Today I caught her saying 'ah' in a teeny-tiny voice when I fed her supper. I guess she got tired of seeing me open my mouth real wide and saying "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh". I called Michael over to witness it, but of course she stopped and grinned at me instead...cheeky monkey!

This weekend she gets her Abuela all to herself, and my mom is thrilled at not having to share Jillian with me too!

Michael's keeping busy with school and I have about 3 more boxes to go until we are officially unpacked. Unfortunately, it's the odds and ends that don't quite have a home, but which we are unwilling to part with. If I throw it in a drawer, does that count?

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's getting chilly in the country!

We had a good Thanksgiving; pretty relaxed, but we did accidentally crash a turkey dinner! Thanks Jeff & Isy for accommodating us! On Monday, we ended up having dinner for 7 people, but honestly, has anyone ever heard of Thanksgiving stew and veggies? I didn't think so! I will try my hand at turkey eventually, though.

Jillian has now mastered sitting up without falling over for a long period of time-as in at least a half hour, to which I am thankful. She is also starting to creep backwards across the floor. 'Creeping' is a term that refers to her moving very slowly, and not being 'creepy', which is a whole other story!

She has now been eating carrots, wax beans (ugh), and green beans (ugh ugh). She has started to accept this food as being normal in her diet and is eating them without complaint now (thank goodness!). She doesn't make as many faces as she used to, and I still haven't introduced fruit yet, but I will as soon as she tries all the veggies. She has a cupboard dedicated to her food, and it looks like the shelf at the grocery store!

I have even been making her homemade carrots. Easy recipe, really:
-blend ( don't forget to add lots of water!)

The dilemma is, although it's super cheap for a bag of carrots, the time it takes to prepare it is a pain in the butt, not to mention the cleanup. But at least I know that I'm picky about the carrots that I'm preparing, and really, where exactly is this factory that makes baby food? Although the label makes us think that the workers there are happy grandmothers that prepare the food and think of our little ones, and are super careful, I doubt that this is the case.

So, she's reached the 7 month mark, and she's got the most adorable photo of her with angel wings on! Yes, I'm a big tease, but I dread to think of how long it would take to upload that picture here.

Anyway, time to take care of the princess! Her hair's long enough now to put into 2 clips as her hair is getting into her eyes now.

Ta ta for now!