Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The heat! The heat!

Am happy that I found my deodorant today...yesterday was icky and I spent the whole day with my arms by my side...

Life is good, and I can't complain.

Jillian's got 4 teeth in now, no signs of any others yet, and I'm still waiting for her 2 front teeth to come in!

She's great at walking now, and falls down when she has the giggles or trips over something or tries to run. Went to the doctor the other day and she's 21 pounds, 15 ounces. When she got sick last month she lost some weight but has bounced back since then. Doc recommended that she learn to drink from her sippy cup, since I've been lax and still letting her drink from her bottle. I was practicing last weekend, and when Michael gave it to her yesterday, she was a champ and downed the water no problem! I guess it helped that it was so hot and that she was so tired. It's cute because she'll tilt the cup, let the water go in her mouth, then put the cup back down. When she's done, she'll turn it upside down.

You'd think that when you come from the islands, that your child would love the heat too, right? Not a chance! Jillian wandered around most of the weekend with a diaper-and sometimes without... And we had the ceiling fan going on full blast in her room so she could sleep in peace(well, so Mom and Dad could sleep in peace, who am I kidding!)

She's not too crazy about grass, but is learning to deal with it. She was walking and fell down, but didn't like the feeling on her hands as she tried to push herself up. All the pictures I have of her so far in the grass, she does *not* look impressed! When Michael uses the riding lawn mower, she keeps an eye on it to make sure it doesn't sneak up on her. We tried to sit her on Michael's lap with the motor on, but the sounds scared her.

Yes, we did buy a house. Yes, we are still working on the house. No, we have not moved in the house yet! But for sure at the end of the month, we are making the BIG MOVE. Note to self: buy an airconditioner for Jillian's room, or she will be an UNhappy baby this summer!

One thing I am happy about with the new house: satellite internet! This means...PICTURES!!! Oh, about-4 months worth to catch up on? I can't wait! Plus, I can finally start to read www.perezhilton.com again without it taking so long.

Lunch break over...take care!