Tuesday, February 17, 2009

May 7th.
I finally get my dermoid cyst removed. I talked to the doc today, and it should be fairly routine. It should be 3 small incisions, and it will be removed out of the largest hole. There is a possibility of me losing one ovary if the cyst has completely surrounded it. Since we already have 2 children, and I have an extra ovary, the doc isn't too worried about us having a third child if we wish to do so in the future.

I did ask him if he would do any lyposuction while he was in there, and he said no...darn!

So as of tomorrow, Susan turns 4 weeks. Boy, that's fast! Michael was joking that if she was 2 weeks late, she would have been born a couple of days ago...*shudder*. I was simply not made to carry to full-term!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Both girls are down for the count...ahhh.
It's been a long week. Jillian got sick last week, and she's getting on the upswing now, thank goodness. It was a trying week, because if one of the girls started to cry, sometimes the other one would join in. That is extremely annoying. The only time it was cute was when Susan would cry, and Jillian would stop what she was doing, run over to her, and look at Susan with a concerned look on her face.

Susan is still growing and eating like crazy; she passed the 3-week mark on Wednesday, so that means a growth spurt for her. She is still able to hold up her head, and she can also push her body away from me when I'm holding her in an upright position...scary! She will also grab at the bottle or my hand and pull it towards her face when she is especially hungry. I was astonished; does this mean she will be able to feed herself sooner? ;) She will still wake up once a night, but can sleep up to 5-6 hours at night. Whoopie! Now I just have to go to bed at the same time.

Gross diaper story. How do you know that you need to go up a diaper size? When you have a poopy blowout through:
-the back of your diaper,
-the front of your diaper,
-out one leg of your diaper *and*
-manage to get your mommy's shirt wet with pee/poo *at the same time*!

So yeah, Susan's in a Size 1, which means nothing to anybody unless you have a kid in diapers too!

Jillian is fine with her toddler bed now(thanks Nancy!), and sleeping in it all the time. Actually, she never seems to want to go in the crib anyway, which is fine with us. We'll see what happens when we get Susan in that crib in a few months, though.

On an even happier note, my cousin Stacey is conscious and I was able to speak to her briefly on Saturday. I was a bit nervous, but she sounds just like herself. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Very bad news today.

I found out today that my cousins Natalie and Stacey were in a car accident early this morning. Stacey is in serious condition at the hospital, and Natalie died. They both flew out the window of the car. Stacey was relatively lucky as she landed on grass. Natalie landed on the road. So far it looks like they weren't wearing seatbelts. Natalie's boyfriend was driving, and he's in the hospital too. I'm not sure of his condition.

Natalie was 24, and leaves behind 3 children, the youngest just turned one.

I think I'm still in shock/denial. I made sure to tell my mom, Michael and my girls that I loved them and gave extra hugs. I try not to take things for granted, but this really drives the point home about how we really don't know how long we have on this earth.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Maybe it's because I'm getting enough sleep, but I find that I'm enjoying the newborn stage a lot more the second time around. I think it's due to several factors:

-I'm not in post-partum pain like I was the first time around
-The baby blues haven't hit like the last time (fingers crossed)
-I'm not afraid of Susan being so fragile like the first time around (and there are plenty of things that "they" tell you to be afraid of-I can't tell you who "they" are or "they" will come after me!)
-We're living in our own house instead of crappy student housing on campus (I swear, I loved everything else about Windsor!). Did I mention it was a 1 bedroom apartment with a creepy maintenance guy? Ugh.
-I'm not making myself wake up every 3 hours to feed Susan (shh! Don't tell "them"!)
-Susan is an amazing baby. I know, we all say that about our own kids. She cries when she's hungry, and has her 'mad' cry when we give her a bath. Other that that-bliss! (crossing fingers)
-Michael's off until the second week of March for parental leave, thanks to living in Quebec! This means I can do more things, like cooking, napping, and sleeping, plus he gets to bond with Susan and gets to give Jillian some one-on-one time when my hands are full.
-Family close by

Wow! This list was longer than I thought!

OK, off to bed now-yipee!