Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do I call this?

The mountain?
The carnage?
The Before picture?

Well, as you can tell, we've sold our house and moved. One of the things that is recommended before you sell a house is to de-clutter so your house seems bigger, more airy, etc. So we did(or so we thought!), and threw what was left over in our garage. How handy was that? A large chunk of our house was already pre-packed!

Then it all got moved into our living room. Hem. The good(sad?) thing is that the pile was *bigger* when we moved in!

What's in this pile? Well, that massive box on the left is empty...I call it a recyclable, but recycling day isn't for another 10 days. The rest? I'd like to call it a little bit of high school, some university, and my twenties- ha ha!

Hm, off the top of my head, I'd say books, DVD's, CD's, and my iPod circa 2004 is hiding in there-it still works and I still use it, even though my co-worker laughed at me when I proudly announced that it had a *colour* screen! :)

Halloween costumes, photo albums, paper...I have an odd fascination with paper. Paperwork, notebooks, receipts, cards, and the odd paperclip. Oh, and random things we brought back from Taiwan!

Anyway, now that I've publicly shamed myself, Michael and I will be picking away at this pile until we get our living room back! But the good thing is, it's in our face, rather than hidden in the basement, so we have to deal with it now, instead of scrambling next summer before we move again.

Anyone want to make any bets as to when the last box will be dealt with? Is one month too optimistic? Is two months more realistic?

Advice? A large yard with a match? (I kid! I kid!)

Wish us luck!