Tuesday, February 19, 2008

11 months and 19 days old. Unbelieveable!

She's showing more of her independence by wanting to feed herself. She managed to scarf down some blueberries and can feed herself with the bottle on her own. Of course, she managed to mash the blueberries, then put the whole mess in her mouth! She's also handy with cheese-she's really got a taste for it!

We also went to the Eastern Townships to visit my Granny, Aunt and Uncle. They had a wonderful time getting to know Jillian. Our visit was too short, but we'll be back again soon. The one thing that she wasn't crazy about was the ride! We had to stop and give her a chance to stretch her legs.

She's also learning how to kick her soccer ball; it was funny how it happened by accident the first time, since I was helping her walk and it was in the way. She started to chase after it and was thrilled to watch it go. She also has fun with throwing the ball against the couch and giggles like mad when it rolls back to her.

Also, with encouragement, she'll 'kiss mommy!'. It takes a lot of begging on my part, but eventually she laughs and gives me a wet smooch. Michael tried it too, but she seems to have a short attention span once she gives one out!

Less than 2 weeks before I get back to work. It's going to be a huge adjustment for everyone, that's for sure! I'm hoping that I'll get to see her first steps either before the end of February or on the weekend, but the statistics are against me... :(
It's been fabulous being at home with her all this year though.

No teeth...were you *really* expecting to hear something? ha ha ha...

Monday, February 04, 2008

11 months old...wow...

Jillian's getting so independent, it's scary! She's started feeding herself with the bottle(although she still needs help leaning back), and is currently having fun gnawing on her blocks. She's also attempting to stand up on her own without pulling herself up. She hasn't gotten the hang of that yet, but she's not giving up!

No teeth! In case you were wondering...

Her ma-ma-ma and da-da-da sounds are getting more pronounced, but we still can't tell if she's definitely talking about us or now.

She had a playdate today with Cole-and there were tears in the first 5 minutes! She seemed to think that he was a toy and not a baby, and attempted to climb over him. I took her away from him and she started to wail. So did Cole, but I think it's because she scratched him! They did eventually settle down to play, but as soon as one baby played with a toy, the other one wanted it!

Michael has finished his report cards, thank goodness!

Anyway, I have to go, as Jillian seems tired now.

Hope you're having a good week!