Sunday, August 30, 2009

7 months and counting

Yes, it's been a while since my last post (ahem...Andrea!), so let me try to recap my summer here...

I am now well-acquainted with this chap called "5 in the morning" in order to get to work on time. The only side-effect is that I now want to sleep at 8:30pm, a luxury afforded only to Susan.

Work is going great; great boss, nice co-workers, Pizza Days on Thursdays at the cafeteria. My job is basically to help the nice people in Edmonton get paid on time. I also got a parking pass now, which is a relief because I don't need to move my car anymore so I don't get a ticket for parking on the street! One thing I'm still getting used to is my co-workers talking about when they're retiring-several of them will be gone by this time next year. Once, the conversation turned to when I was going to retire...July 2039 seems like a *long* ways away!

Jillian has been learning more words; we are doing sign language with her while we are saying the words and it has been doing wonders. We're quite happy with her progress. She said 'Susan' today-very cute! Now if she can stay off the coffee table...

She's also interacting with Susan more often. Most times this happens when they are sharing Susan's toys. Jillian's happy because she's playing with her old toys, Susan get ecstatic because Jillian is gracing her with her presence!

Susan's growing and changing in leaps and bounds. Earlier this summer she was rolling from tummy to back and reaching for objects; now she can roll from back to front, sit up for long periods of time without falling over, and does a quasi shimmy/wriggle/crawl. She is definitely motivated when there's a toy or her sister in front of her! She can manage going backwards, but I'm sure it won't be long before she's full-out crawling. She's started eating solids, and although she's not too crazy about cereal, she does enjoy sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. She can also feed herself MumMums - think of when you have communion at church; it pretty much tastes the same. Other things she enjoys; drinking water out of my glass, Goldfish (crackers, not the swimming kind), and bread. She's also outgrown her baby carrier and infant carseat(according to my poor back!), so we've gotten new seats for the car.

Michael and I have pretty much made the mommy/daddy transition. Case in point; Jillian was sick a couple of weeks ago, and who did she want to sleep with? Yup, Daddy. She tried to lie down on top of me, but decided that I wasn't comfortable enough. Michael even wakes up during the night if the girls wake up; I'm usually sleeping like a log unless he brings Susan to me to feed her.

So, yes, I am still breastfeeding. I'm bringing in a pump(it's the hospital-grade kind that you can rent monthly). No issues at all. If anyone asks me what's in the fluroescent orange bag, I tell them that it's my breastpump. Guaranteed conversation killer! I do plan on stopping by the end of the year. I've still got a bunch of milk in the freezer, which I rotate so I don't have to throw any out*, so that should be fine until she reaches her first birthday.

Home life is still pretty hectic now that my housewifey duties are crammed together, but I'm more productive now, I find. Laundry waits for no one! Michael has taken up the dinners and dishes, which is very nice to come home to! I'm very happy I married a man who can cook!

My next challenge is to get another posting out before Cheers!

*In accounting terms, First In, First Out-I thaw the oldest ones out and Susan eats it. Then I put new milk in there to replace it. I do not reach in the freezer and turn the bags!

Friday, August 07, 2009

High School Health Ed Course

What they should really be teaching to try to prevent teen-age pregnancy!

Chapter 1. Why stretch marks are like tattoos-they stick around!

Chapter 2. Sleeping-what is that?

Chapter 3. Disposable income - the new myth.

Chapter 4. Dirty diapers and baby puke- welcome to the new perfume that you will be wearing this season.

Chapter 5. Remember that cute outfit you bought last week? It will *never* look the same on you again.

Chapter 6. Yes, the baby has to come out of you one way or another.

Chapter 7. Pain management - it still hurts like a mother-f******!!!!

Chapter 8. Celebrities look amazing 2 weeks after birth thanks to their best friend - plastic surgery.

Chapter 9. Breast-feeding helps you lose weight - and other myths.

Chapter 10. Babies- they grow up to be teenagers, just-like-you.