Monday, January 03, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig Jig

The flight to and from New York were pretty uneventful, which is a good thing these days with airline travel! There were body scanners at all 4 security checkpoints, but were not used when we were there. I did get a full body pat-down, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it still would have been nice for her to buy me a drink first! tee hee hee...

Enough about that; New York was terrific! We landed before they closed down the airports, and the next day, we could see the havoc that 20 inches of snow creates. We were close to a subway line, so we were able to get out a couple of days later into the city. I guess what I love so much about the city is the energy you can feel when you're walking down the streets. At one point, Michael and I were carrying the girls on our shoulders for at least 15 blocks!(ok, so 10 of them were short blocks, but still!) Michael asked if I was tired, and I said, "Only when I stop!". I kept wanting to see what was around the corner. Times Square was insane, and we went on Dec 29th, not on New Year's Eve, when it's packed with 1 million revelers!

We took the girls to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, which isn't huge, but the right size for little kids. We stopped by Rockefeller Center, ToysRUs at Times Square, wandered all about Madison Square Garden (which includes the maze underneath that is Penn Station), saw the Empire State building from there, but no time to go up, but we did admire the view-I would have taken a picture, but there was a child on my shoulders! I found that with 2 kids under four (and no stroller), you can only really do 2 things properly in the city per day.

Even the subway rides were fun. At one stop, 4 guys get on with drums, and for 2 stops, they drummed out a song that had all of us bopping our heads up and down.

The kids had a great time with their grandfather; he wanted them up all the time, and I think that he was more disappointed than they were when it was their bedtime! It was great having them get to know him better; since they're not too chatty on the phone yet, face to face is the best way to go for them(or when I stop being lazy and get Skype up and running!).

Today is my last day of vacation before I go back to work, and it looks like Santa's workshop exploded in here! And I know that the girls are happy that Santa got them PlayDoh(in 20 different colours, no less!), I'm starting to think that the old man has it in for me!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Rocking New Year with Dick Clark

Ah, what an apt time to re-start my blog. It's been too, too long, but I feel ready to start again. There's been a lot going on with my girls and Michael, and I am very optimistic about 2011. When we started 2010, it was not too long after Jillian's Autism diagnosis, and we were navigating the system, trying to find help for her, like regular speech therapy, a nutritionist to figure out which foods were helping her, and what was hurting her.

The hardest thing was to find a daycare that would accept her, and then get a bilingual helper to come in to help her in her day-to-day activities. Thank goodness for being in Quebec, though, otherwise had we been in Ontario, we would have had to wait 2.5 years.

But I digress...

What do I want this year? Well, I've already got 2 healthy girls that are doing well, and a handsome hubby (awww). And I want a body like Heidi Klum, but apart from tearing her head off and putting mine on, there's no way I'm going to be 6 feet tall! ;)

More soon-promise!