Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My baby is now a little girl!!!

We had a 'tiny' celebration on her birthday with my brothers, mom, Shell, Pascal and Sofia. Gave her some vanilla cake with vanilla icing. She seemed to like the taste, shuddered a bit, then promptly threw up on Michael! Too much icing on her piece, I guess! Ah well, it was memorable, right?

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes! Jillian even had a few phone messages when we got home!

Jillian gave Michael and I a nice surprise on March 6th, by taking her first step! We were fully expecting her to do it in front of the babysitter, but she was standing by her highchair and I was close to her. She swayed side to side a bit, lifting her feet up(kinda like a sumo wrestler, but not lifting her feet up high). Then, she stepped towards me with her right foot, then her left. Michael and I were in shock, then we cheered and clapped. She looked at us like we were a *little* crazy! The next day, she took 4-5 steps, and yesterday when I came home, she was already standing by her toy. She looked at me, lifted her arms up, and took a few more steps! (****heart melting****).

She still prefers that we hold onto her hands while she walks around the house, and is now discovering the art of pivoting, so she can go in any direction she wants to while mommy and daddy try to keep up with her.

I started work on the 3rd....and it actually went well. I didn't cry (surprisingly), but I had already left her with the sitter a few times, so we were used to it. Work is great and the people are super nice, so I'm glad to be there.

No teeth...but she is getting better and better at eating whatever we have. Loving fruit, veggies are touch and go, and of course she loves her pasta and bread. She's even preferring to feed herself, but if I give her a spoonful of food, she doesn't turn it down.

Her hair is *everywhere*!!! Now it's long enough for her bangs to get into her mouth, and if we don't pin it away from her face, she pulls at her hair to get it away-very funny, but I don't like to keep it that way for too long, or she gets upset. Now after her hair's washed, and the curls are framing her face, she really looks like a little girl now.

She loves playing blocks with us; we build a tower, she knocks it down. Loves playing with her soccer ball still, and giggles when she pushes it and it rolls back to her. I've also been 'walking' her so she kicks the ball as she's walking. She's also content with playing by herself for long periods of time. At the sitter's, there's a bunch of kids there after school, so she gets to socialize with them until she gets picked up.

I should have some more pictures posted before the end of the month. Now that I'm working again, I need to find the time to organize them!!!