Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We went to Montreal this past weekend, and it was great catching up with our friends who biked from Toronto to Montreal. I must admit that the majority of the bikers had nice bums! hee hee... Everyone was going to a bar afterwards, except 2 people. Can you guess who they were? I'll give you a wasn't Michael!

Jillian had a good time, but is starting to 'make strange' with new people. According to my baby book, she's right on schedule for that. At least she's comfy with Mom and Michael, otherwise I'd have very tired arms!

Also, on August 5th, we decided to introduce her to rice cereal. For a baby, this is a solid, although it looks like gruel.

The VERY FIRST spoonful!!!

All done!

For the record, she did like it, and there was no more cereal in the bowl, but as you can see from the last picture, probably half of it ended up on her than in her.

We are getting ready for our big move next week. There are tons of boxes; how the heck do we manage to accumulate this much stuff? I even found papers from when I was a teenager. At least it'll be useful when it comes time to light a fire!

Unfortunately, where we'll be moving to only has dial-up internet, so I'm not sure what it'll mean when it comes to these posts. I will probably only be able to add pictures when I visit my mom's house. Hopefully, I can still write on a regular basis.

Anyway, time for more packing!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ah, we've hit the 5 month mark! Jillian's celebrated this milestone by *not* sleeping in in the mornings! Arg! Judging by her increased hunger, it's going to be time for solid food...not the kind that we eat, but stuff like rice cereal. Think of it as a watery gruel. I'll try to get some pics in of her first bites.

Now she spends less time looking at faces, and is really getting to know the rest of the world around her. Although this afternoon was super hot, we sat on a shaded porch and watched the wind blow the leaves on the tree in the front yard. She was so amazed at this and it was so peaceful. It beat the heck out of staying inside and watching TV. We did manage to return indoors before we got overly sweaty.

Her babbling now includes 'bye', 'I'. The rest of it is still kinda drooly. I'm still practicing ma-ma, but it doesn't seem to interest her right now.

This weekend, we're heading to Montreal with her to meet up with a couple of friends that were involved in a bike rally from Toronto to Montreal to raise money to help people living with AIDS. You can check it out at:

I had a few complaints about the flickr website for pictures. I tried it today and it worked. If there's still issues, please let me know at .

Have a good weekend everyone!