Monday, July 30, 2007

If you didn't get my email, I have transferred my photos to:

Yahoo! has decided to go with Flickr instead of their regular Yahoo! photos. At least I was able to keep all 537 photos instead of losing all the albums that I have set up-I started it in April 2004, so I would have been pretty ticked off!

Jillian's going to be 5 months old next week! Yikes! 7 more months of maternity leave left....NOOOO! She was a bit fussy today as she really, REALLY likes her morning naps. On Saturday, we went shopping in the morning, and on Sunday, we visited some relatives in the AM, so by Sunday afternoon, she was alternating between smiling, crying, eating(sipping!), then napping for short intervals. I put her in a swing, and bliss(!), she was out for 45 minutes. She passed out around 10pm, and we're going to take it easy in the AM, so she'll be her normal, contented self.

I know that some people say that it's not a good idea to plan your whole life around the children, and I agree. I just know that I'm awfully grumpy when I don't sleep enough, and I like to sleep in too!

My sister-in-law will be showing up next week-yipee! She's currently in Iqualuit (AKA Up North), and hasn't met Jillian yet. She's also due with her first baby in December! We're very excited for her, but are trying to cook up schemes to get her to have her baby here in Ottawa. This is purely for selfish reasons as we want to see her baby ASAP when he/she shows up. Any ideas anyone? ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yesterday was a fun day!

I have been pestering my friend Shelley to get pictures of her daughter done close by my house, seeing as it's a good deal and I finally bullied her into it! (hee hee!)

Anyway, she showed up with Sofia (who's 2 weeks younger than Jillian) and it was the first time that they were really aware of each other and interacting. Well, at first, they were examining each other and chatted a bit (although it sounded like, "Sqwack!", "Screech!", *drool*, etc) Then Sofia looked at Jillian's right hand (which was in Jillian's mouth at the time), slowly reached towards Jillian with both hands, then grabbed Jillian's arm and put her fist in her mouth!!!

Jillian was a little taken aback that her fist was in Sofia's mouth, then she realised that she had a left hand and put that into her mouth instead. We started cracking up. What's a little drool between friends?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Dating

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According to the website, my blog is rated R because of:
pain (11x) sex (7x) pooped (3x) poop (2x) crack (1x)


Monday, July 16, 2007

How can you not love this face!!!

As you can see, she's enjoying more and more time on her tummy; it should only be a matter of time till she's rolling over!

By the way, I did add a few more photos to:

Not much new lately. We're suspecting that she's teething as she's drooling, chomping on her hands, and pulling on her ears. Secretly, I hope it doesn't happen yet. I love her gummy smile! Plus, I don't want her to bite me either!

She recently received a set of socks with rattles that look like puppies on them. When Michael changed her diaper, she was amazed that her feet looked like dogs and immediately grabbed at them!

She's getting a lot out of her stroller rides. She likes to lean forward with her head and swivel her head back and forth while she inspects the wide, wide world. Watching the wind move the leaves on the trees enthrall her. Looking at my red shirt will keep her attention as well! She got a bit cranky 1/2 way through the walk, but once her stroller was reclined, she fell asleep right away.

I like my stroller. Do they make them in adult sizes and can someone push me around while I take a nap? Wait, on second thought, it would be way too weird to take a nap, and have random people see you sleep.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My name is Idania and I buy my clothes at a grocery store.

There, I said it! How can you argue with a $5 shirt? It is a super-mega-googleplex grocery store...the kind you could live in for a few months in case of emergency. Mind you, it takes the same amount of time to go shopping there too!

We're all enjoying the summer weather...well, Michael's at work during that prime time of sunshine, but now that his summer class is over, we see him every night. Yipee!

We went to Orillia this past weekend to visit our 'Taiwan gang'. Funny thing is, we met 3 out of 6 siblings while we were in Taiwan, and are now good friends with 4 of them! Michael went to school with one of them while we were in Windsor. It was wonderful catching up with everyone. One couple just bought a house, so we were their first house-guests. Loved the size and backyard, though I have never mowed a lawn before! Another couple are visiting from Taiwan and are prego with their first child (girl!) and they look so content and thrilled...I am sooo happy for the both of them!!!

We ended up going to a wedding on Saturday; unexpected, and didn't have anything to wear, but got to borrow a skirt, with the intention being to change in the washroom of the church. Where is the w/c? I had no idea and changed behind one of the witnesses! Thank goodness! At the reception, they played "In my Daughter's Eyes" which made me bawl like a baby; I was also holding Jillian at the time.

Also managed a boat tour that enabled us to catch up on local gossip and look at the ritzy cottages that made me feel poor at the end of the trip. :( Oh well...

Jillian was AWESOME the entire trip. Only started crying on the last day because she was hot and hungry, and it was maybe for 10 minutes. It was an emotional goodbye for many reasons, but I can't wait to see everyone again(hopefully soon!)

Got Jillian's second round of shots on July 3rd. She's now 2 feet tall and 14 pounds; the doc says that she's right on track. I think that she might have known about the vaccination, because she started crying during the checkup and before she got her 2 shots. Another 2 months to go before the next round, thank goodness.

She's started giggling (when she feels like it), and has mastered holding her head up. I am practicing having her on her tummy, so she can learn to roll over, but she hates lying down that way. She loves it when her feet touch the ground so she can push herself to a standing position as well as when her Daddy lifts her up in the air; she stretches out so she looks like she's flying like Superman. She's really grasping objects well, but she tends to lick whatever she's holding on to, so I'm doing my best to keep her hands clean. She also found out how to suck her thumb on July 7th (She doesn't like soothers), but I'm hoping that this is a phase.

Hope everyone is well and happy!