Monday, September 29, 2008

And the results are in...
We're having a girl!

We had a really good experience in the ultrasound room, and our little one was moving around, putting her hand in front of her face, and kicking up a storm. Michael was quite excited when he heard the news...he had a huge grin looking at her!

She's growing well and all her parts are counted for. We didn't get a picture of her this time; she was looking away from us, so we weren't able to see the face well, but it made things more real for us.

Baby Girl has been kicking me for the last 5 weeks; this past week, Michael was able to feel her kick for the first time. She's quite active and I can feel her moving around a lot too; Jillian tended to shift from side to side and was pretty predictible with the location of her kicks. I have to admit that this is the best part of the pregnancy; her kicks are like our little secret, and her way of reminding me that she's around. I love it!

Jillian's noticing that my belly is getting bigger; tonight she was playing my tummy like a set of drums while I was singing to her. My bellybutton also seems to provide endless fascination for her as well. She found her own bellybutton a few weeks ago and it seems she can't get enough.

She also got over her cold that she had for about a week. Nothing serious, just what's going around, but a lot of phelgm. We had several restless nights until I got some medicine in her, then she (and us!) managed to sleep well, and her recovery went that much faster (not to mention my sanity!).

On Friday, when Michael picked her up from the sitter's, she was climbing up the stairs. She looked up at Michael and said clear as a bell, "Papa!". On Sunday, Michael was waving and saying goodbye to her. She waved back at him and said "ba ba" (bye bye). I started cheering her on, then she looked at me like I was crazy.

So she can say
-Tu Tu (the dog at the sitter)
-Bye bye
(she said 'ive' for '5' once, but not again)

But not mommy yet! I'm practicing up a storm with her though.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe the stuff I get excited about nowadays.

Anyway, Jillian got her potty this week, and I thought I'd try it out with her...and she went the first time tonight! Michael and I were going crazy clapping and cheering and I'm sure she thought that we were nuts! We were running her bath, and she was holding onto a couple of her toys, so she was fine with sitting down.

I don't think it will always be that easy, but I want her to get used to it in a non-threatening way.

As of today, I'm officially 1/2 way through the pregnancy-ALREADY! The baby has been moving about for a couple of weeks now, and in 2 days, we get our next ultrasound, which I'm looking forward to. Michael especially, since he missed the 20 week one for Jillian, and there's way more to see.

Now that summer's over, I am officially putting my sandals away at work, and putting sensible (comfy) 'fall' shoes on.

It's funny how fall seems to sneak up on you. There were a couple of nights last week that were *cold*, so today, Michael set up the baseboard heaters in the upstairs bedrooms. After that, it's the baseboard trim, then painting the trim around the windows and doors, and those rooms are DONE!

Oh, the joys of home ownership that no one seems to tell us about. My personal favourite is the taxes themselves....that, and when you go to repair something, you have to do 3 things beforehand before you can get it done, and it takes 3 times as long to complete because of it. Also, you want to do it right the first time, otherwise, it'll drive you bonkers.

Anyway it's getting past my bedtime. Looks like I'm heading for 8:30 - 9pm bedtimes if I want to function at work! It's like being 2 again, I swear!
Things I can't do:
-go on rollercoaster rides, well, pretty much everything except for car rides
-drinking-but I'm not a big drinker
-smoking - but I can't stand that anyway, so it's not a con
-eating soft cheeses, deli meats and shellfish-and I probably forgot 50 things on that list, but with that listeria outbreak, I'm taking things more seriously on that front
-get stressed-which I try to avoid anyway

Things I can do:
-watch other people lift heavy things for me (hee hee), but I figure that Jillian's not a problem at this stage; I just don't overdo it
-enjoy the way I look and dress to show off the belly-in a tasteful way, not actually displaying the belly; although I've been thinking of being a live pumpkin for Halloween
-feeling the baby move-it's my little secret that no one knows about, which is cool, and that I don't get tired of.

Have a great week!