Sunday, December 02, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

December 1st was the beginning of the Christmas season for us-I just can't bring myself to decorate before then.

Yesterday, we went to visit Santa and enjoyed the decorations at the mall.  We got there early in the morning, so the kids were in a prime spot when Santa came down the escalator ringing his Christmas bells.  Susan insisted on wearing a tiara with her dress, and both kids were fine sitting down with Santa.  Not too much conversation, but at least they weren't screaming in his ear like a few other kids I saw!

Then we headed to look for a decoration for the Christmas tree.  Both girls get their own ornament each year, and when they grow up, they'll be able to decorate their trees with the ornaments they've grown up with.

Today, we put up the tree, played some Christmas music, and the kids decorated.  The upper end of the tree is a bit sparse, but it's cute.

Jillian decided on her own to write a letter to Santa.  I told her to write down what she wanted, and her response?  "I told him already!"  She had me there...

The girls are sharing an advent calendar.  It was fine today because we had forgotten yesterday about giving it out.  But tomorrow is Jillian's turn, and Susan will have to wait until the 4th...this could get interesting!  I'll let Michael deal with it-ha ha!

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