Monday, December 03, 2012

Sad Susan

Jillian made cookies today and brought 2 home to share with Susan.  Susan was so excited at getting a cookie for dessert!  That is, until Jillian picked a cookie for Susan.  One of them looked like a Christmas tree, and nicely decorated (for a 5 year old).  The other one looked like it *wanted* to be a tree and not as pretty.

You guessed right, Susan's cookie wasn't as pretty.  She sobbed, wanting to have the 'good' cookie.  Jillian didn't notice and kept on munching away on the cookie. Then when we asked Susan if she wanted to put the cookie down and go play, she cried, "No"  *sniff*.

I've never seen a kid looking so sad eating a cookie.  I also had to hold in my laughter!  Should have taken a picture!

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