Friday, April 13, 2012

I have 2 girly-girls

The other day, I was at home with the girls.

Susan decided that I *had* to put my earrings on-I had them on my nightstand because it hurts my head to sleep with them on.  She handed them to me and waited until I had put them both in.  Then she was happy.

Then I was brushing Jillian's hair for school.  I put it in pigtails, and she got really upset!  She kept repeating, "I don't like it!" and was trying to pull them out.  So I took them out and she put on a headband with a big flower glued to it.  Then she went to the mirror and decided that she was happy.  (she never does this when I get her ready for daycare!).

That day when Jillian got home, she asked me for earrings.  Oy!

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