Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jillian's First Day of School!

It was awesome!  I think I wasn't emotional because Michael brought her himself, and he's nearby teaching another class, so really, easy peasy!

Last weekend, we went shopping for a backpack.  When we got to the store, she immediately asked for a purple backpack.  She was so proud of herself once she saw what it looked like on her.  Michael asked her why she picked purple, and she replied that it would be just like Dora's backpack!  What a kid!

We went on Monday to meet her classmates and she was so excited to go there!

She was playing in the sandbox and accidentally threw sand in her own face-ouch!  The kindergarten teacher helped me clean it up as she saw how panicky I was getting.  Jillian calmed right down-awesome!

Today, she was waiting and ready at the door for 15 minutes-we had to tell her to take her boots off!  Then both girls said good-bye to each other, which is a rare thing, and it's not usually all day like that either!  Susan was quiet and pensive in the car, which is not usually her trait, and as soon as she saw me tonight, she declared that Jillian and Daddy were home.  It was cute that they missed each other.

Jillian had a huge smile on her face, and did her homework with excitement-reading a book!  I read, then she read, then we looked at the spelling of the words, then she wrote out a few sentences in the book.  (the last 2 things were me being hyper-excited, but I made sure not to pressure her, and kept it fun.)  It was so cool to hear her read to me!  Kudos goes to Michael for reading to the kids every night before bed.

The next class isn't until next week, but I'm happy that she's had such a great start!

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