Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baking with Susan

I made some cupcakes for Michael's class for tomorrow, and Susan was very interested once she saw the cake mix box!  I decided to let her help me crack a few eggs.  First she helped me, then I let her do one herself.  I could feel Michael cringing at the thought of splattered egg across the kitchen but Susan was pretty good with hitting the egg against the edge of the bowl.  And only 2 small pieces of egg shell that I had to pick out!

Then she wanted to eat cupcakes right away-and the batter was still runny!  I got her shooed out of the kitchen, and returned with Jillian in time to see the first batch of frosted cupcakes.  Of course they wanted to eat cake right away, but we told them that they had to eat dinner first.

Jillian clued in first, shouting, "I want dinner please!"  We laughed and they had the tiniest serving of dinner before they were hollering for cake.  Turns out they weren't interested in my was the frosting and sprinkles!  Gah!

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