Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

Phew! A busy weekend!

Low-lights: Shrieking and screaming-now I know why I am slowly going deaf!
-7am is apparently my new sleep-in time, :P
-realizing that Susan goes through toilet paper like hotcakes

Highlights: -great weather
-good times with family
-watching Jillian and Susan hold hands as they were walking across the backyard
-Susan saying "Mommy pretty!",
-watching the girls open my birthday present with the same abandon as when Cinderella's evil stepsisters tore apart her ball gown
-birthday apple pie and birthday ice cream
-getting a bunch summer clothes for the kids for $60 total, as opposed to $140 regular price before taxes! (they don't need to wear shorts, right? :) )
-watching pre- Royal wedding shows!

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